The Indians traveled to Australia 4,000 years ago

January 17, 2013 18:47

Insulation Green continent was greatly exaggerated.

The Indians traveled to Australia 4,000 years ago

It has long been accepted that Australia is on the edge of the planet, and that it was a long time isolated from other continents. It was thought that this isolation destroyed Europeans only in the late XVIII century. However, the German scholars have argued that Asian visited Australia more than four thousand years ago and that they had brought "a gift" Aboriginal dingo.

This conclusion, scientists from the Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology Max Planck Society in Leipzig came after analysis of genomes of Australian Aboriginal people of New Guinea, South East Asia and India. Comparison of DNA led to the conclusion that about 4000 years ago between the Indians and the natives were exchanged genes, that is, contact.

"Long before the first Europeans in Australia — the researchers wrote in the Journal of National Academy of Sciences, — the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent to Australia crossed and mingled with the local population."

German scientists have even called the opening date of the Green Continent Indians. It happened, apparently, 4230 years ago.
It is believed that modern humans colonized Australia about 40,000 years ago. These were the people of Africa, which slowly moved east along the coast of the Arabian Peninsula and India. Africans, who became the ancestors of the natives, to popular theory, had no contact with other continents before the discovery of Australia by Captain Cook.
Date of the ancient discovery of Australia, says study leader Irina Pugach, explains previously obscure change in the history of the continent, for example, changes in the processing plant and the appearance of stone processing technology, as well as the first appearance of the dingo. All of them are likely to be associated with the emergence of the green continent of new people.

Common with the Indians discovered genes, the newspaper Times of India, and the indigenous inhabitants of New Guinea and the Philippines.

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