The injured policemen at all the processes share the same

April 28 cude October district of Minsk for Pavel Vinogradov, Dmitri Drozd, Ales Kirkevich, Andrew Protasenya and Vladimir Homichenko heard eight injured police officers and six witnesses. The injured policemen at all the processes for December 19 the same.

Courts for Square

Journalists working on ships already made a list with the names, names and titles of the affected police officers to accurately call them. On Thursday morning part gave evidence at the trial in a partisan court, where there is a process against Sannikov and the young, the other part — in the October. None of the alleged victims did not identify any of the accused, they are generalities told that it was an area on the 19th. Father accused the activist of the "Tell the truth!" Pavel Vinogradov Mr. Igor says:

Pavel Vinogradov

"Some mixed feelings cause this court. Much is unclear. Confusing call the victims — how do they relate directly to these defendants? Nowhere in the documents in the case, for example, my son, they do not appear as victims, according to the lawyer. I have not heard nothing concrete. "

Injury, damage, allegedly received on the affected area, causing smiles from those present in the courtroom — a deputy company commander of Special Forces Sergei Lushchik — Hematoma buttocks, in others — soft tissue abrasion. None of the seven questioned was not hospitalized. Daria BelISA, which closely follows the process, expressed this view:

"I believe that emit absurd accusations. Absurdity of witnesses, absurd victims who are police officers.'s All." But I think the guys — well done. Carried. "

Alexander Artsibashevin, which is also present at the trial, said:

"Basically, the impression is not the best. Clearly, all fabricated and made in such a way as to put the children in particular, my friend Pavel Vinogradov."

A member of the "Young Front" Igor Kishko shared his impressions about the process:

"Not the first time we see such a tribunal. Therefore no hope for a fair decision, we do not have. Believe that Kirkevich and torn get very tight, because the authorities are generally very hard to free the youth of our country."

Vladimir Homichenko

In the afternoon, the court heard the witnesses. Two of them — and the police. Both found the accused Vladimir Homichenko. Both allegedly detained him, but were confused, the judge noted discrepancies in the written and oral testimony. Made by the brother and friend Andrew Protasenya, man of letters Joseph Yanushkevich — In defense of the archivist Dmitri Drozd.

At the end of the hearing, the court heard extensive testimony chairman of BHC Oleg Gulak. Gulak said that he was surprised by area: glass hit 15 people, stood next to police chiefs in civilian clothes. No one responded, not stirred. After the dissolution of the area, he did not see any poles or fittings, no bottles — all just saw on Belarusian TV.

Continuation of the trial — on Friday, and 10 am and.

The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, and Homichenko Protasenya

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