The Kuril Islands: building new infrastructure on the island. Etorofu

In the Kuril City District (Iturup) for the first time in the history of its existence appeared paved roads, built here the central regional hospital, a kindergarten, a modern power plant under construction are the major infrastructure facilities: all-weather airport "Iturup" and deep-water dock with marina are developing enterprise fishing industry, made improving human settlements.

New neighborhood "North" in paragraph kurilsk village has no name. New homes, asphalt, landscaping both in normal modern cities.

Here are formed all the networks, the entire infrastructure. Though now we can build a new line of houses — would be money …

And new homes will be built. And they are not alone. In Samal. "North" is planned to build a large Palace of Culture and Sports, which will be located under the roof of a sports complex, swimming pool, cultural center and other institutions.  


  • the Palace of Culture
  • the Palace of Culture

The Ministry of Defence is planning to build in the area of Walvis Bay a new military camp and bring back the service of the Hot Keys, Mining, etc. So what? Here at hand deep-water dock, all-weather airport, developed social and communal infrastructure, in a word, is not "end of the world."

  • construction of deep-water berth
  • construction of deep-water berth

In late May, the Korean subcontractor "Gidrostroya" Keumto Construction just beginning to work on the construction of deep-water berth in portopunkte Whale. And now the main building and construction work is almost completed. Certainly, there is a serious event for the entire arrangement of port infrastructure, but next year there will be safely moored vessels of "Igor Farkhutdinov" and all central locations Kurils forget about the raid loading and unloading of passengers …

On the "home stretch" came the construction of all-weather airport "Iturup", which in the future will be able to take the aircraft type "AN-24", "Dash-8" and "Boeing-737". At the facility already built 1,450 m runway, its total length reaches 2300 meters. Airport is scheduled to be in 2014, it will be the only one in Russia, a fully built "from scratch" in recent years. 

Open a new diesel power.

— We are creating a whole new energy — says the head of the regional development agencies Kuril Islands and investment programs Sergei Ababkov. — The power of modern fuel-efficient diesel engines do not just cover all the needs of the village, there is still the equipment is installed cogeneration of heat, that is, the station will also heat the village, and the old boiler house this winter we derive the reserve and save coal …

In addition, the power line is already under construction at 35 kV between the Kuril and harbor, and in the future — the modernization of the Ocean geothermal power plants with an increase in its capacity, and the result is a unified energy system of the central part of Etorofu, which will maneuver and save electricity surpluses of imported fuel.

Develop will not only kurilsk (the administrative center of. Iturup), but also the entire central area of the island, which includes also the village Reidovo.

Fish processing plant of "Gidrostroy" in s. Reidovo

In the "GIDROSTROY" among other things, a very passionate and even landscaping. On the territory of enterprises broken original public gardens, such as built in the village of Reidovo.

All guests Kurilsk should definitely recommend a visit to the mineral springs, located literally next door at the district center. 
Some years they were the two concrete vats for salting fish, which took a bath and a rest, not forgetting to dot the neighborhood of broken bottle glass. And then the power was taken under the wing of the same "Gidrostroy", who built here a fabulous town.

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