The leader of the championship of Russia on football in the first division, Rostov won Metallurg-Kuzbass.

In the Caucasus derby win in Makhachkala "Anji". In first-half goals from Nicolae Josan and Michael Ashvetiya who created a masterpiece, winning four consecutive opponents. Dagestan club continues to struggle with the Krasnodar "Kuban" for second place, trailing by only a point. On Saturday, Kuban won in Domodedovo "Knight" with a score of 3:1. [Cut] from the lead group on Saturday and won the "Ural", who defeated the Irkutsk "Star" and "KAMAZ", outplayed in Rostov-on-Don, a local SKA. In Novokuznetsk, in his usual Siberia, his first goal for the "Rostov" is scored division's top scorer last year Dmitry Akimov. "Rostov" came to visit, "Metallurg-Kuzbass" after the first defeat in the championship, with the home — from the "Siberia." In the August 12 matches that have been postponed because of the Cup of Russia, "Rostov" did not participate and had a week to licking wounds. As a result, Rostov had to say 23-year-old Nenad Slivich, which Oleg Dolmatov immediately put in the starting lineup. [B] The "Rostov" is the first time held a three defenders, and only a break in the field appeared Alexander Circassian. And it brought home half of the match winning guests. [/ B] It all started with a constant pressure on the gate kuznechan who defended Dmitry Belousov. Once Belousov miraculously saved his team after hitting Aspen, who assisted Slivich. Sharply played and Zuev, so that the advantage of the leader felt. In goal, it was embodied in the middle of the half when a free kick hung aspen and Ivan sent the ball into the net. We Akimov had a few chances in the first half, hit the gate of the home, but had no luck. As Zuev, who hit the near corner Belousov reflected. However, in the end every time the goalkeeper "Metallurg" nearly scored an own goal when, knocking the ball hit the back of his own counsel. In the second half of the active Zuev replaced Gitselov and Rostov began to play more cautiously, keeping a minimal advantage in the long run. But the hosts made its debut in the "Metallurgist" pupil "Spartak" defender Victor Bukievsky came forward Maksim Rogov. But Southerners fought off the attacks of chaotic Novokuznetsk. At the last corner to the gate Gerus sortie made even Belousov, but all in vain. Continues to win, "Siberia", which seems to have finally groped under the direction of Sergei Oborina their game and started to produce results. After the victory over the "Zenith" in the Russian Cup away win followed on the "Rostov", this time won Siberians "SKA-Energia". On Friday, for the "Siberia" was declared an experienced Czech defender Martin Horak, who in "Zenith" won the silver medal in the championship of Russia, as well as 31-year-old striker from Macedonian Goran Stankowski, who in the match came from Khabarovsk in the starting lineup. And it was he in the second half, was the author of the winning goal, when the head hammer the ball into the goal after a pass by Medvedev. The same Medvedev bit earlier equalized after the first goal of the match was scored by Basil Dalnevostochnik Karmazinenko in the second round to score in every match. Karmazinenko was then removed from the field, and "SKA-Energia" no chance to even the score. This match is also interesting that the head coach of the "Energy" is Vladimir Fayzulin, who started the season as the helmsman of "Siberia". As the press service of the Siberian club, Fayzulin was brief: "As for the game is nothing special to say: could win, could lose. Excuses and talk about some moments I do not want to. We had to just score and not to miss. " Here is the opinion of Sergei Oborina: "The team showed character, and in sports, this is of paramount importance. The organization of the game, which we do, do not put in a month and not two. Now, there are still a lot of what we're working on and what else will work, but you need not wait for the organization of the game will improve. And now to be able to achieve the result, especially since we do not play in the Champions League, and in the first division. Thus, the results achieved to date due to the fact that the players showed character and realized moments, that is already displayed skill. It should be noted Stankowski. " In Barnaul met two Dynamo club tournament outsiders. The match ended in a goalless draw, after which both teams were probably doomed. At the same guests from Bryansk were even more active hosts, who played in the two players who have rented the "Torpedo", but the first round is held in Bryansk. This Artem Samsonov, the champion of Europe among juniors by Igor Kolyvanova and Ruslan ram. In addition, finished his career the former defender of "Tommy" Sergei Rekhtin, who went to work at the Barnaul SDYUSSHOR "Dynamo". [I] [b] The results of the 27th round [/ b] Salyut-Energia — Volga — 1:1 (Poroshin, 23 — Mineev, 4) SKA — KAMAZ — 3:4 (Grigalava, 18; Stefanovic, 28; Mazalov , 46-pen — Kanenda, 13, 73, Ignatieff, 85; Kobyalko, 89) Anzhi Makhachkala — Alanya — 2-0 (Josan, 24; Ashvetiya, 45) Sportakademklub — Mashuk-KMV — 2:0 (Malukov, 14; Prokopenko 82) Nosta — Chernomorets — Vityaz 0:0 — Kuban — 1:3 (Pershin, 81 — Tlisov, 24; Lagievka, 33; Tihonovetsky, 60) Ural — Star — 5:1 (Shishelov, 31; Fiedler, 40 — foams; Mysin, 67, 78; Dubrovin, 85 — Razin, 19) Siberia — SKA-Energia — 2:1 (Medvedev, 63; Stanowski, 68 — Karmazinenko, 59) Metallurg-Kuzbass — Rostov — 0:1 (Akimov, 25) BRN Dynamo — Dynamo Bq — 0:0 [/ i]

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