The leader of the football growth raises a change in the club rivals

[Img =] South Mission "WP" in Rostov on the eve of the derby with fellow countrymen principle of SKA visited two of Michael, and the two players: the best first division player, captain of the "growth" Michael aspen and his seven year old son, a graduate of the children's football academy SKA Rostov Osinov Michael Jnr. [B] WP: Michael (referring to the older aspen — auth.), The forthcoming derby for you first. Do you think that this match will be special? After all, the motivation of both clubs there. [/ B] Michael Osinov: This match will be special for the fans. I know that the city is going crazy hype about the upcoming match. "Rostov" 100 percent fulfilled his task, we were the first and for a short time back in the Premier League. SKA also coped with a goal and kept the place in the first division. By the way, I will bring the third time his team against fellow of the SKA. Two previous derby, the main game of the season for thousands of Rostovites invariably ended with the victory of my team-mates. [Cut] [b] WP: What caused the confident performance of "growth" this season? [/ B] aspen: Literacy selection. Came experienced guys, well motivated. Apt and a parish youth. Football agent Pavel Andreev and sporting director Alexander Shikunov great job. Plus good management in the face of Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Uzdenova, coaching talent Oleg Dolmatova. [B] WP: What attitude in your team? [/ B] aspen: We agree with the guys to take maximum points and finish the season on a positive note. Set us up for the victory and leadership, and the head coach. Although the game is always with the SKA, so historically, are fundamental. No doubt the army team and want to please their many fans a victory and beautiful, uncompromising game. [B] WP: Question to Michael Jr. aspen. For anyone going to get sick on the podium — for my father's "growth" or for the SKA, in a children's football academy which you learn? [/ B] aspen Jr.: Of course, for "growth"! I always support him! And usually go to the stadium. [B] RG: Why did you son gave the academy the SKA, and not in the child's native command of "growth"? [/ B] aspen: In fairness, in "Chicago" in recent years is also well placed organization of youth football. Son of six years, first went to the "growth", but after I learned that the Serbian specialists came to work at the academy the SKA. C group of boys from 20 people work for three or four coaches. With Misha has been coach Sergey Dementiev. And I'm happy with workouts and son. Misha raves football. When there are problems at school, I say that rebuke him workout. Son gets very upset. Although he is learning in school as "excellent", has only two fours. [B] WP: You have a contract with "growth" for another year? [/ B] aspen: Yes. I do not presume to think further. Rostov became my hometown. Here daughter was born. I went to school son. Here I am building a house and I want to connect with the future life of Rostov. [B] WP: Do you keep personal football statistics? [/ B] aspen: In the Premier League had 297 matches, before the anniversary of reach. But do not keep score goals. This season, scoring 16 goals. Bye. There is still a game with the SKA. [B] WP: Michael Svjatoslavovicha Aspen, the favorite of the fans of the Don, Rostov recognized on the streets? [/ B] aspen: Yes, constantly asking for autographs, photo sharing. Even the traffic police turn a blind eye to my disorder. One policeman stopped me and demanded documents, and when he saw surprised: "you know, are familiar with Osipov?" No, I answer, it's my documents, and that does not look like? [B] WP: Think you're a wealthy person? [/ B] aspen: I think so. One can not complain. Football is not in vain in the sport's number one. [B] WP: Age footballer is short … [/ b] aspen: Hint understand. Still hope to play. And then I want to try yourself in the role of sporting director.

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