The main indicator of the quantum transition — the freedom of the soul

January 5, 2012 0:47

freedom of the soul

As usual, today we try to answer the concerns of our readers' questions.

— At what stage is now in our planet — in elementary, middle, or end?

— The land is located between the two measurements, the so-called corridor, closer to the fourth dimension.

This "corridor" has a higher frequency than the third dimension. He's sort of a preparatory function, to avoid sudden movements of the Earth, and along with a sharp change of frequency space.

It is known that a large portion of the population do not feel a difference in the frequencies of measurement. However, it should be noted that as soon as the planet moved into the corridor, as many readers will notice a decline in health. This is especially true for those who are constantly crowded karmic vessel.

The higher plane became completely disable all parameters of the physical body. And after a few days of this state is felt on the physical plane. The main symptoms — a complete lack of energy and a feeling of pain in the weak points of the body.

We must bear in mind that over time, given to people to study in preparation for entering a new dimension. Indeed, much has already been said about the necessity of parting with addictions. Such as, arrogance, vanity, slander, envy, hypocrisy, lies, slander, betrayal, resentment, etc.

But, alas, even those who know about it, do not always look back on our actions, thoughts and spoken words. Sometimes they think that there is nothing wrong with that, that did not fulfill the promise that has abused the trust of the head and allowed himself to be late for work, etc. Thus man fooling himself, because any step he took, every word, action, emotion registered not only in his personal information field, but also in the information field of the company, the city and the planet. So, the people that deserve what you get.

Be sure such a person always thinks that he is worthy of a high salary, exceptional abilities, and of course, happiness. He refers to himself too indulgent, forgetting that all of his actions and emotions of the so-called known Filmmaker fate.

Therefore it is necessary, first of all, the most self assess correctly, as required tasks.

Self-deception and reassessment itself — reflected in the low level of awareness, a lack of maturity and self-control.
Do not expect yourself to indulgences. On the contrary, the fate you can shake a way that had never happened.

Some readers just moan and cry, saying they deserve leniency, because they have, for example, the retirement age or have pain somewhere.

But in fact the law of karma does not imply any age or social privileges. You also were not forced to do bad things, blame someone, cheat, a hypocrite, right? What, then, there may be concessions?
Guilt everyone must disentangle himself.

— And what is better — to make a donation for the sins or lie down in a hospital — have had something?

— With the premise that patient care today is far worse than it was without health insurance, despite the fact that if you do not get rid of karma and karmic vessel disease, the disease will occur indefinitely. The main thing — to remove the cause. And if the very reason is money, that is, donations, nothing wrong with that. After a donation — this is equivalent to the energy consumed for recovery.

For the "lay" of the patient to a hospital bed for him to realize his life's mistakes and not repeat them more.

— What information field provides more objective information — field third dimension or the 4th?

— As practice shows, the dimension in which we are almost there.

— Today still dark "steal" of the matrix bright people, they also take energy, and instead of them doing very destructive power of death and involution. When the dark will be safe?

— They still have a lot of energy, the most important of them — the power of hell.

— They receive them through the chakras?

— No, in connection with the sexual organs. To them is a program for generating energy radiation. To solve this problem is not yet possible, but it long ago crossed Orions.

In addition, there are quite a dark strong relationship with their patrons — black bishops who are constantly taking care of his players.
— The newspaper is often said that there is a fierce struggle between two civilizations — the light and dark. Somebody help light earthlings?

— The assistance that could be, unfortunately, is still missing. Because black bishops constantly put the program on impulse ring representatives Higher Force with information about the inadmissibility help earthlings. Similar programs they put on the ring of light pulse victims of witchcraft, that they were on the dark side of that protected them, care for them, and under what circumstances they were not thrown. Not to seek the meaning of life and do not stop to think about why dark — the masters of life, and light — just a servant of their donors.

And help earthlings and very good, you will not believe who … cats. In the history of civilization, they are not the first time saving humans. Why do they? Because they have a great running third eye, they see the future and can discreetly inform their bishops cat civilization, can ask for help.

The cat Adam, who lives with the employee of the editorial board, after he was actively engaged in a struggle with dark, black bishops struck the third eye, the spirit and the soul have implemented 10 entities.

The cat's eyes were filled with tears when he realized how cruel these monsters. But the cat did not give up and not be afraid. It helps even more. He has a very high awareness. Much more than some light earthlings.

— What's today, the eve of the Transition, the main indicator of a human life?

— The main indicators — "freedom of the soul" and "knowingly lived through the time." To comply with the new measure, it is necessary to comprehend the past life and to know how many years lived in vain, in vain. In the continuum of domestic problems without seeking the meaning of life, with people partners, which for bright person — what a boa for a rabbit.

We looked: some had lived for forty years, half years wasted — have acquired bad habits, learned to dissemble, bustling, to deceive, to envy, to serve those who do not admit to their close. Everyone, as they say, a history. But these stories have no place in a new dimension.

Part with the baggage of bad habits, wrong actions, actions and most importantly — the people of the opposite persuasion will be difficult, but necessary.

And about the time. No one really knows the exact definition of this category.

Black bishops know well how to manipulate time. And that they were doing for the past years. Only the Earth picks up speed in the transition, as the black "set points" on some sixteenth century, and it seems to be stopped. All settings are reversed, and the transition is slowed down.

Once the time is over to the side of the light forces, Go again continues. Time was zombie dark forces.

— When, finally, the dark hierarchy will lose any ability to brainwash? After all, most of the bright people do not realize that it is someone zazombirovana.

— And the way to indoctrinate them more than enough. We know of only a small part.

It appears, at first intercourse light and dark man in a light is affected pituitary gland and through this man imposed lifestyle, habits, ways of life with a dark person, including such factors as making vital decisions and ways of spiritual development.

Through the pituitary gland produces certain hormones.

In addition, the light revealed a lot of things kind of add-webs on both the functioning of the physical body and the subtle bodies. For example, if we take 100% what a bright person endowed at birth, the "superstructure" of the dark forces he can be from 340% to 20,000%. This superpautina of modified programs gland of the brain, organs, systems, and thin structures.

The greater the "superstructure", the more options a person has to be in a mental hospital. Such is the reality. Zombie may cease only after 5-6 months.

Now the main thing — to make people understand that they are somewhat inadequate, and think about the reasons for what is happening.

No pills do not recover health mentally ill person. Be sure to find and remove the causes of disease.

— Those years for nothing — it is just the years, when the soul is not free?

— Exactly. The soul is not free, when it took the so-called distorted ego or power of hatred. They are recruited when a person commits an act against the soul.

At this time the dark and introduce the person in a place where there should be the soul, the energy of hatred or distorted ego.
To rid of them, you need to remember all the acts committed against the soul, and the soul to ask for forgiveness. But it must be done no formal. You need to remove from your life all that prevents the soul to evolve and perform the tasks for which it has come to Earth. There because of all the factors that prevent it from being free — the dependence of the dark man, the suppression of the will of the dark man lives to care about the dark people, the constant search for material, etc.

Time to analyze the lived life is almost gone. Half the people in the light of the soul is not free today.
Example. Alex 40 years. He mastered the computer, graduated, got a good job as an economist, I bought the car, gave birth to a baby … And the soul in his cell, is not free. Because he lives with a dark woman. 23 years — a life lived in vain.

Now he has a permanent depression, Craggy health (and the main strength of a person is known to give a shower), a continuous deadlock and no future.

That man needs to, he finally saw the light?

It would seem that he has yet to come.

Is there a way out? Output is always there. His search — it is a movement towards a good future. The main thing — to want.

Love Kolosyuk

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