The military will be the new Kalashnikov

Soon there was a lot of negative reviews on the Russian small arms, equipment and personal protective equipment. Some have even said that "Kalash" is out of date and we are lagging behind the leading countries in the world for 30 years.

Constructors blamed that on the machines are no adjustable telescopic rifle butts, no Picatinny rails, used in the world for fixing various sights, awkward grip, low accuracy of fire.

There are also claims to protection — heavy and uncomfortable Russian flak jackets and helmets. Mass claims and gear. Whether they are due?

The armor is strong?

The armed forces of the USSR was the world's first mass-equipped bulletproof vests "heavy" class, who are able to keep the machine-gun bullets. It happened in the middle of the 80s. The U.S. Army is seriously attended to the matter only during the war in Iraq, quite rapidly making all the necessary conclusions. Russian vests are currently on a world level in something yielding, in something and surpassing other analogues. Modern body armor army 6B23, light, with good protection, good, no worse than their own rivals. The troops like it, despite the small notes.

Army body armor 6B23

Americans are already equipped with its own fighter "Armorer" with radial protection and shoulder pads. But if a fighter to be comfortable in it 10's hours? "Sturmovik-anti-terrorists" — yes, him to walk in it day and do not need to shoot at him from all sides. And for the ordinary soldier in the war even more dangerous artillery fire. In general, the development of radial protection and are available from us. Already have an earthen Shoulders higher level of protection 6A, which protect even against 7.62 mm armor-piercing bullets SVD.

Our helmets Best Western, at a comparable or greater resistance they are lighter by about 300-450 grams. Other question — materials. Russian manufacturers who seldom, who often use foreign armor materials. Fabrics such as Kevlar and Twaron, ceramics, a high cellophane bought in Israel, France and other countries. And since there is not our peers. But because they are released malehankih series, they are more tangible. Terms of delivery from strangers, too convenient, do not need to go to many hundreds of tons.


And this question needs to be addressed. However, some bureaucrats instead of lobbying for direct purchases of French body armor. Apparently, there is in them in this as Zheglov used to say, "love interest". It is one thing — the purchase of a small party of French version of "equipment warriors XXI century» FELIN for inspection and copying of successful solutions, and more — massively buying a product that we make at least not worse.

Claims against small arms

In 90 years, Western manufacturers have not slept uniformly correcting shortcomings of its own infantry gun in reliability. Improved ergonomics products, increasing the range of "useful batches" — collimator sights to simplify aiming at small distances, a low degree of multiplicity of optics, lights, laser sights, front-end grip to hold the gun. With these toys tool looks much more impressive and advertised easier.


In our automatic AK-74M is also such a thing can be fixed. But this is due to the difficulties. Required sights that can be mounted on the side is not very good arm, and is required to work with the installation of a collimator, a bipod or a flashlight. The butt is not adjustable in length, which makes the task of the highest fighters. In general, a telescopic rifle butt on the American M4 appeared not too bad of life. Its impossible to do pull-out, as the AK-74M. But such is comfortable butt.

Obviously, even the most rabid criticism without a word they say about the reliability of a Kalashnikov. But in a sense that in the modern local wars requirements for small arms in terms of accuracy and the universalization of the introduction of increased — there.

In the wars against the armies of the main harm is not the fire of infantry and artillery, aircraft, tanks. Modern infantry squad has only a couple of "clean" machine gunners, others are at war with a machine gun, a grenade launcher. But, the type of the Chechen wars fraction clashes, where everything is solved in near contact infantry firing is very high.

And there really is necessary to provide the men an opportunity of conducting a clearer fire equipment more comfortable day and night sights and other equipment. Another thing — if all of its issue. Standard infantry, hung with a bipod, flashlight, laser pointer, a pair of sights, automatic — an extra hitch. It is heavy, "kit" can break or lose.

But the infantryman must be able to frisky and comfortable setting of all, that he will be given according to need, or that he will take away the next "timid Georgians" — sighting trophies "war 888" soldiers simply had nowhere to hang. Nope on the AK-74 standard for the western gun strap.

Cannon USA also has drawbacks

Failures of the South American instruments have become one of the circumstances in which the U.S. military has suffered significant losses during the battle near the village of Vanati in Afghanistan in the summer of 2008. The report, which was Douglas Kabbison from the Research Institute of the U.S. Army Combat Development is not made public, but reporters were able to get a copy of it.

The battle took place July 13, 2008. During the exchange of fire with militants killed nine American fighter. Another 27 soldiers were wounded. In the attack, attended by about 200 Taliban. They were armed with AK assault rifles and hand grenades.

As admitted participants in the battle, the South American M4 rifles are often out of order, especially when shooting bursts. According to the 1st of the war, when the Taliban surrounded the base of his M4 finished shooting. He tried to shoot a machine gun, but he also broke.

Another soldier said his M4 perenagrelas about half an hour after the start of the fight. He even failed to reload the rifle and threw it.

In addition lamented unreliability 5.56 mm light machine guns, M249, which are "dead" after 400-600 shots from overheating.

And this case is not unique. Cases of failure M16 and M4 are regular, and M249 machine gun in a modified SAW stands army general jokers as "Look for other weapons» (Seek another weapon). Americans have long been willing to change the M4 and M16 the best at something, but you will be addicted sverhdorogimi inserted small arms and grenade monsters that stand as a car, packed with electronics and fear shaking, dust and moisture, they can not dare to waste much smaller amount. Currently under consideration are such standards as the German G36, NK416 and Belgian SCAR. All of these machines in varying degrees borrowed solutions … Kalashnikov. A personal mercenaries military companies in Iraq often stroll to wage war with AK, including and a specially modified in the United States an illegal copy of Krebbs.

Special Forces to all and i

Russian special forces weapons complex is very diverse. Many types of weapons such as silenced 9mm complex machine and a sniper rifle "Val" — "Vintorez" or completely silenced pistol MSS decades had no analogues in the world. A scuba machines APS, ASM-DT or Td two secondary newcomer, no one is trying to make analogues. Here we have no backlog.

"Val" — "Vintorez"

On pistols and sub-machine guns criticism should be recognized only partly fair. In the Russian Federation are available in real time are very good pistols type SR-1M "Vector" and GS-18 for special forces, PJA for the army. Yes, they were first problem with quality, including because of an unproven technology at malehankih series. But manufacturers are working on quality — Review, fewer defects. The problem is the high price of the same "vector", because the sales market, apart from a narrow range of special forces, he does not.


On the world market to break hard, and in the Russian Federation legal trade guns banned. With pistols, machine guns, in fact, — the same picture. There is a very successful model — SR-2M "Heather" and "Whirl-2", but the main prob-lem one — a small issue. Power structures million units this weapon is not necessary, but in the world of this market is clogged.

The argument gunsmiths

Next year Concern "Izhmash" will present a new machine, going to replace the famous AK. This was said by the company CEO Vladimir Grodetsky at the site of the Municipal demonstration and testing center in Moscow Klimovsk. According to him, the brand-new line of machines for its features will be 40-50% higher than the previous generation.

Already have standards which are implemented the wishes of consumers: turning on the hinge receiver cover, rails for mounting scopes and accessories, brand new comfort handle, an extra fuse, adjustable buttstock, etc.

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