The minister of defense was over hazing

The minister of defense was over hazing

Letters to the President

Mr. President, feel the Supreme Commander, as this letter about the army and about the most important military commanders. But let's start with the ordinary soldier. He shot himself.

Last Friday at the site in the Sverdlovsk region Private Makarov shot himself twice. One was shot in the left forearm, the other — in the heart. Military investigators say, as if it was shot event. "The basic version — said the staff — careless appeal to arms."

Anything can happen. But more than that it looks like a suicide: the first time hurt yourself, and the second shot struck. There is evidence that this is one more victim of bullying; guy brought. If so — he posthumously became an opponent of the defense minister. As minister Defense publicly stated that there is no bullying.

On New Year minister gave a great interview. It is so beautiful that it is best to put it to music and singing. For example: "There is no 1st activities of the Ministry, which would not be affected by modernization, the transition to the new look. We work everywhere — in all areas … "

You see, Mr. President, all directions and all areas touched by your beloved modernization, cheers.

Minister Serdyukov was asked the attendant question whether the army got rid of hazing? Get ready, Comrade Supreme Commander, the answer may shock you.

The minister replied in the military clearly:

— These are the phenomena in nature anymore.

Everything would have been fine, but two weeks later (January 11, 2011) gave a great interview with the chief military prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky. The reporter asks: "Everyone expected that the transition of compulsory military service for 12 months," bullying "will subside. But it did not happen. Why? "The chief military prosecutor says

— Yes, there were hopes that the reduction of service life by themselves lost many bad tradition, namely, the "bullying." Did not happen. Who specifically conscripts forms the hazing statistics. In the last year for assault and other violent convicted over 2000 fighter and sergeants.

Army, Mr. President and Commander in Chief, this is your vertical vertical. Verticality of the army in general there can be nothing, agree? And there, inside, it turns out, just kind of anarchy. The Minister says that bullying is not, and the chief military prosecutor denies it.

Hazing is growing. According to the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office, "the number of hazing in 2010 grown by 1.6 times." This is also the last summer read Deputy Defense Pankov, who referred to one of the main reasons for bullying "skills acquired in informal recruits youth gangs extremist." In other words, bullying is growing, but not an army in the blame and bad dating school years.

That's been modernized, otreformiruem before the end of education, the break with youngsters drinking, smoking, swearing and foul language — will come to the recruiting stations intelligent honors — and bullying will not. In general, the defense minister knows more playful approach. In an interview (saying that bullying is not found in nature), he added that "there is simply hooliganism" and talked to him as his immaculately cut off:

— In principle, that the commander was in the unit, did their duties in full. Then no conflict can not be by definition.

By what definition? — God knows. It's for added beauty.

"No conflicts"? — But such armies in the world, and there can not be by definition, division and multiplication.

A recipe is a beautiful, all diseases … The minister asked, "Is it possible to make so that the military units did not show superiority of certain ethnic groups?" He answers:

— If the commander will perform their duties in full, the conflict just time and effort remains. No misunderstandings will arise.

The recipe is simply superb: if all officers will be … If all sadists become humanists … If all the drunks will be sober … If any "Bulava" will fly to the right place … If all the details in the "Lada" will be made of the right material and the exact size, then it is is not a very bad machine by definition.

It remains quite small: fix faulty officers. Come back, Mr. President, to interview the head of the military prosecutor. The reporter says: "Rampant corruption in the country, both for you perfectly understandable, not bypassed and the army. This plague struck all categories military — from generals to lieutenants. " Attorney agrees:

— The scale is sometimes staggering. At times it seems that people have simply lost all sense of proportion and conscience. Amount of detected theft often shocking.

Not easy to shock an experienced prosecutor. And an interview with the Minister of Defence (where modernization, spheres, and new species) is completed as follows: "It seems to me that everything is going pretty well."

What does the "think"? Indeed, everything is going well, if not, it goes swimming in hand, only have time to upgrade and get a new view of a Russian designer, the new ships, the French, the new planes from Israel. And soon, they say, will buy other people's guns and rifles (maybe because our factory viciously rigmarole with modernization and innovation).

Mr. Commander in Chief, in his presidential address you said: "Today we have before us is a basic task of creation sverhtehnologichny latest mobile army. We are going to ensure that izderzhat for this purpose more than 20 trillion rubles. It's a lot of money. "

Wasting our generals are fine. And that's what we got — it's up in the air. Until now, how annoying it did not sound, coming out any nasty surprises. Including such sad as suicide fighters after the minister's statements that hazing no.

Mr. President, want to freely? One of the basic problems (which means not decide) is this: do not respect the officers of the highest authorities. Reflect on their own unfortunate fate, the years spent in vain human dwellings, and stealing much as you can. Naturally, we are not going to smear all black paint (we have it is not enough), tell them this: one steal, and behold the other in silence.

And just went straight talk have to say that your tandem not everyone in the military enjoys special love. If you were (unseen) at least how officers' mess, would hear what they say about you, about the Minister, about the prime minister … You would have dramatically changed view of the world … Or would you decide that it is adversaries sbrivshie beard and stole an officer's form of studio Yudashkin.

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