The motif of the terrorist act linked to the person of the accused

Two suspects in the attack were charged with terrorism. The rest of the detainees in this case remain suspicious.

In fact the explosion in Minsk subway on April 11 charged with terrorism two Belarusian citizens. On April 29 the head of the investigation team, the Deputy Attorney General Andrew Swede.

Andrew Swede

According to Andrew Swede, the prosecution filed under Part 3 289 th article of the Criminal Code (terrorism). The maximum penalty for this article — the death penalty. According to the investigation, the accused had committed the attack in a preliminary conspiracy to destabilize the situation, terrorizing the population and killing people. Investigation of the names of the accused are still not disclosed. In this case, Andrei Swede said that the two accused — born in 1986, the natives of one of the regional centers, grew up in the same yard, had been friends since high school.

In addition, the head of the investigation team Andrei Swede, one of the accused in the explosion in the subway also brought charges of terrorism on the facts of September 14, 2005 in Vitebsk, and on the night of 3 to 4 July 2008 in Minsk.

Andrei Swede said that in 2009, law enforcement agencies have already had the opportunity to expose the person who committed the terrorist act in 2008 in Minsk. However, through the negligence of officials is not was. Upon negligence prosecuted.

Deputy Attorney General said that the motive for the crime "substantially clarified," but it is not specifically mentioned. "It has to do with the personalities of the accused, their development, attitude to life, education," — said Andrei Swede. On He said, the investigation there is no evidence "that in acts of terrorism were customers or organizers." Medical examination of the accused, according to Andrew Swede will be held later.

In the fact that the terrorist attack was not the customers, and the terrorists had no specific motive but to simply kill more people do not believe a retired police colonel Oleg Alkaev, who has lived in Germany last 8 years:

Oleg Alkaev

"Without a motive does not happen, it is obvious. So I can not believe that says Mr. Swede. But, most likely, and will be, if such a path defines a consequence, if such a path determined by the President: it's some kind of mentally abnormal people, some patients. They seem to define the legal corridor which then have to walk all: the investigator and the accused, and medekspertam. "

Besides the two defendants in the case are four suspects. What is the measure of restraint for them elected, Deputy Attorney General did not disclose.

Andrew Swede confirmed that the defendants planned to make a series of terrorist attacks, "but where, when and how — the mystery of the investigation." As we have previously talked about this Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov. By Kuleshov, terrorists allegedly planned to put a bomb on a train and a bus stop.

As part of the investigation have already been assigned and executed about 400 forensic, forensic and other examinations. Questioned more than 300 people, held more than 500 other investigations, said Andrew Swede.

The explosion in the Minsk metro 11 April 2011 affected more than 200 people, 14 of them were killed, 167 were hospitalized, 71 are still in hospital.

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