The Myth of Ra

In light of the god Ra lot of enemies. This — snakes that lurk in the darkness and gloom of gorges, or hippos and crocodiles living in the depths of the waters. Guarded by the sons of Ra from these monsters.

At a time when Ra drives a solar barge, the prow is majestically office eldest son of Shu. In his hand is the spear with which he strikes enemies father crocodiles. Another son, Horus, flutters on the multicolored wings in front of Barca and reeks of hippos and crocodiles. And you will be able to buy a bulldozer in the company

But the big scary snakes, large rings arching body wriggles and makes a terrible thorn spotty disgusting monster. But the huge cat, which turned into Ra, expects snake and firmly holding the knife in his paw. When Cat-Ra swung a sword and a snake's head flew off. But deep underground lies an evil dragon Apophis. Daily Ra on the day boat sails on the Nile in the evening sky and reaches the mountains to the west, where the gates of the kingdom of caves.

At a meeting in the boat of Ra go mountain baboons and greet his sweet songs. And transplanted Ra Mesektet, rook night and continues on his way up the Nile nights in a long narrow valley in which the twelve gates, all of which are located on the valley at an equal distance from each other. After passing the last gate waiting Ra battle with Apophis, the sworn enemy of Ra.

Apoptosis huge — its length is 450 cubits. He Drinkers night river water, that would not give Ra go on and kill. But the god Ra to help all the other gods and spears pierced bends Apophis. At this point, spewing Apopis swallowed all the water back and Ra continues on his way. And praise the gods Ra. At the end of the night the way it reaches the underground mountains.

Gates open before him the horizon and out of the boat of Ra night, washed in clear lake, red dresses and clothing is once again on the boat of the day, that would move up the Nile to cover the sky and light the earth.

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