The Order of the Knights Templar and the car manna

Enlisting the support of Pope Clement V, King of in 1312 destroyed the order. Its leaders were arrested and after the terrible torture carried out by the Inquisition executed. The Inquisition accused the Templars in many terrible sins (cannibalism, murder of children with ritual purposes, and so on), but the most severe was the charge of heresy, which was to worship some idol called Baphomet.

According to issledoateley Fibagov, describing this mysterious Baphomet, extracted under torture, the Templars are very similar to the writings of the Old Old Man of the book "Zohar." Here are excerpts from the interview Templar:

"It is established that they had an idol, called more goals, and that the idol had three faces …"
"It is established that during his meetings, and especially during the great Chapters, worshiping this idol as God as his savior, and claimed that the head will save them."
"It is established that the idol had in their orbits eyes of carbuncle, which shone with the brightness of the sky, and they believed it was their supreme God. He had half a beard on his face, and the other half — the back and it was disgusting spectacle. "

Neither the servants of the king, nor the Holy Inquisition did not manage to find the idol or tear under torture recognition of the place of storage, although many of the investigators confirmed the fact of its existence. Some interrogated claimed that the idol has a beard, others argued that he is bald, and one claimed he glittered like gold plated silver. It was also found that access to this idol had only the supreme leader of the Order and its Grand Master. Last, Jacques de Molay, said nothing his executioners and was burned at the stake.

It is obvious that the Templars were still warned of punitive action that secretly prepared against them, King Philip, and managed to hide in safe places its fabulous treasures (which, incidentally, also did not find), including the mysterious Baphomet. There is evidence that directly masovyh the night before the arrest of one of the temples of the Knights Templar in Paris left the convoy and headed to the northern port of La Rochelle. There's an unknown cargo was loaded on 18 galleys, which immediately went out to sea and disappeared in an unknown direction. Where is this could be hidden treasures, and especially the mysterious Baphomet?

Modern scholars of the issue referred to a number of possible locations. First of all, a valley between the towns of Béziers and Carcassonne in southern France. By the way, this is a region of the ancient Languedoc, of which it already was, — an area inhabited by the Cathars, the other potential owners of a mysterious artifact — the Holy Grail. It is known that the Templars were secretly supported the Cathars, and that during the massacre, hosted by the Cathars army of the pope and the French king, some of them escaped through the Templars, the Templars themselves as crusaders while not dare to touch for fear of their power and connections.

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