The paradox of time can play a cruel joke

October 17, 2011 21:21

Inventing the "time machine", you should think carefully about the consequences it will lead.
When military and passenger planes were out for a while on the radar screens, do not count. Often, they reappeared, and sometimes disappeared for ever, and their subsequent fate is unknown.

 Theoretical physicists and experimentalists dealing with curved spaces of time, put forward a set of hypotheses to explain to some extent the phenomenon. Furthermore, they believe that as soon as the mystery of the paranormal will be solved, humanity is on the verge of fundamentally new science that will allow people to travel through time and space. That is, will a real opportunity to design a "time machine".
A number of scientists believe that the ancient Egyptians have made such an attempt. The desire to move into the future, to their descendants, were harassing the many dynasties of pharaohs. As they hit upon the idea that this is necessary to build huge pyramid in the center of which there is a temporary hole — the biggest mystery. Likely to send in the future only the soul of the pharaoh, was to build the great pyramids, which have reached us through 46 centuries. The priests knew that to build a real "time machine" unaffordable. And the essence of the Egyptian method is the layering of one pyramid to another, on the basis of a matryoshka doll.
Incredible interest of physicists to create a theory of "time machine" suddenly erupted again in the 70's and 80's, and science fiction writers of the world, read the "circular theory" Russian scientist Victor Pantyushko, threw his characters in the endless depths of time. Indeed Pantyushko idea, based on the difference between the electromagnetic fields created between two rotating disks in different directions, looks far more convincing pyramid-born. Experimental scientist "proved that the second hand for a split second slows down. But in order to achieve the effect of the so-called zero-time, when it stops completely within the electromagnetic field, it is necessary to disperse the disks to the speed of light. After all, the theory of relativity, the people inside the spacecraft, flying at the speed of light, fall in a curved space-time. Inside the ship in a year — on Earth centuries. When he returned, the astronauts get to the future.
In addition, such a design must be made of Super-alloys, titanium strength exceeding a hundred thousand times! Those do not exist, and people do not exist. Finally, to keep the drive inside the effect of the zero time at least for a period, the traveler is able to send a hundred years ahead, you will need the energy of at least three of the sun!
"But if we assume that the universe is still there are elementary particles that travel faster than light? — No stopping the proponents of "time machine". — Then do not need no wildly spinning disks and a fantastic amount of energy. " Catching these X-particles or getting their experiments on Earth, you can simulate the so-called wormhole, where you can move indefinitely in the future, so … and in the past. "
More and more scientists are inclined to the hypothesis that the X-particles that can fly faster than light in space really exist. Just before we invented a device that could detect them and determine their true speed. And if they exist, and periodically in one, then in another place with terrible speed bump in our land? Then it explains the origin of the spatial and temporal distortion, which can get both people and vehicles, and aircraft. And the fact that these ultra-fast particles can affect the psyche of people, no one doubts. After being "in the pink electromagnetic storm" was not in vain for the crew of one military aircraft. The commander suddenly joined the biological clock: wake him every night and ask what time it is, will always respond with an accuracy of plus or minus two minutes. With the navigator was useless to play cards, he began to remember some incredible combination of numbers and calculate how they can fall, somehow this unique almost bankrupted a casino, playing poker, roulette and craps.
Perhaps the discovery of X-particles would confirm or, conversely, to refute some paranormal theory, for example, the multiple or parallel worlds. Since there are different unit of time measurement, therefore, there is a completely different space, in which the time is flowing. And any space should be filled with something or someone. By whom? Humanoids? Reptilians? Amorphous creatures? Many ufologists seriously believe that UFOs are not nothing but a "time machine" built by our descendants or inhabitants of parallel worlds. With an enviable constancy they arise from temporary holes, breaking familiar to us the concept of physics or mechanics.
By the way, a few years ago when I first started talking seriously about ozone holes, greenhouse effect, nuclear winter, high radiation, atmospheric concentrations are harmful to human and animal impurities, the University of Massachusetts have modeled the future of man, who would have to live in such inhuman conditions. So, the resulting computer model forecast only vaguely resembled a human.
In general, a good thing that we can not build a "time machine." But it seems only a matter of decades. Inventing this unit, you need to think hard what consequences it will lead. Perhaps this will be the most brilliant invention in the history of mankind, but it can also be the last.
That walk in the interim periods are extremely dangerous, warned us even Ray Bradbury in his short story "A Sound of Thunder." It learned by building a machine is sent to the distant past, which crushed a butterfly. Returning the same horror discovers that the world he left has changed beyond recognition! He did not find any relatives or friends. The paradox of time to play a trick on him. And the blame was ruined butterfly …
Of course, such things too early to speculate, but then the future is not far off …

From the magazine Focus (UK).


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