The pilot of Sukhoi Mikhail Mamistov became the absolute European champion in aerobatics


 The pilots of "dry" performed well in the Russian team at the European Championships in aerobatics at sport aircraft in the classroom Unlimited International Aeronautical Federation (FAI), winning a total of 15 awards. In the individual competition, "suhovtsy" won 8 gold (Svetlana Kapanina Elena Klimovitch, Michael Mamistov), 3 silver (S.Kapanina and E.Klimovich) and 4 bronze (S.Kapanina, E.Klimovich, M.Mamistov and O.Shpolyansky ).

 The absolute champion of the 2012 European aerobatics sports aircraft in the class was honored Unlimited mater sports, nine time champion Russian aerobatic Michael Mamistov. The second and third steps of the European podium occupied by the French.

European champion among women was Elena Klimovitch, bronze — Svetlana Kapanina.

In 2011 M. Mamistov won the title of absolute world champion in the same class in Italy. First place in the women's standings in these competitions took Svetlana Kapanina. The Russian team, speaking on the Su-26m3, the Su-31M and Su-31M-2, won the II place in the team, giving the French first step of the podium with a minimum difference of 0.33%. Third were athletes from Germany.

18th European Championships in aerobatics held from 1 to 9 September at the airport, the Dubnica nad Vahom (Slovakia). It was attended by 36 pilots from Germany, Belgium, Russia, France, the UK, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, as well as Japan and the United States (no contest). The competitions were held in the four official programs in the most prestigious class sport aircraft — Unlimited (highest grade of difficulty).

The joy of victory with the athletes shared the chief coach of the national team of the Russian Federation — Honored coach of Russia, Honored Master of Sports Viktor Smolin and engineers Shklyaev Alexey and Andrey Polikarpov.

Aero Club Sukhoi (part of the holding "Dry") there are more than 20 years. During this time, it produced 220 athletes, artists and candidate masters. Pilots flying club — multiple medalist Russia, Europe and the world in the individual and team competitions.

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