The pilots of the Eastern Military District has successfully fulfilled the elements of air combat in the stratosphere

In Kamchatka continues intensive training of flight crews of fighter aircraft of the Air Force and air defense (AD) of the Eastern Military District. Pilots of fighter-interceptor MiG-31 combat maneuver elements are processed and flying in bad weather.

The main elements of combat training in the course of the flight changes were training on working methods of air combat with the use of offensive and defensive combat maneuvers at different altitudes. One of the main challenges facing the crew of fighters, was working out the elements and piloting of air combat in the stratosphere — at an altitude of 11 km.

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Flights traditionally preceded by careful preparation with test readiness technical staff, ground services and specialists to ensure the implementation of the tasks of flight shifts.

According to the command of the air base in the short term, the pilots have to work out the issues of interaction of joint actions with other aircraft and military branches of the Eastern Military District in joint exercises and training.

Press service of the Eastern Military District

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