The pilots received new Su-30 fighters

On the eve of the Day of Russian Far East fighter aircraft received two modern aircraft. They are distributed in the Guard aviation units of the Khabarovsk and Primorye territories.

In connection with the planned maintenance of the runway at a military airfield "Central Corner" near Vladivostok, military pilots of the oldest in Russia Guard Aviation Group temporarily operate flights in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. For the first time since 1991, along with his fellow guardsmen from adolescence they got their new just came down the assembly line fighter. At the helm of the Su-30 — first-class fighter pilots, Colonel Vladimir Tikhonov and Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Pokhilenko.

— A better gift to military pilots from the Aviation Enterprise "KnAAPO" and you can imagine. The new aircraft — it is the new, we can only learn it in the case, — says the head of the Air Force Association Air and Air Defense Forces, Colonel Alexander Maksimtsev. — Delivery of Su-30 off the assembly line in our fighter aircraft military units will continue.

First, in each Regiment will form one link in, then — on the squadron. And before December 1, 2011 is in the process of studying the combat capabilities and comparative analysis of the performance characteristics of the new fighters. Will also continue training pilots guards in the Lipetsk center deployment and retraining flight crews. While only 30 percent of military pilots from each of these aircraft military units allowed to fly the Su-30.

— The new aircraft can be used as a combat training — said the deputy commander for flight training aviation group "Dzemgi" Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Pokhilenko — that contributes to the rapid commissioning of young pilots.

In this day of the graduates of the Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School in 2009 and 2010, the flight instructor has completed three lieutenants.

— The technical component in the development of new aircraft is supported by strong competition among the younger crews — said the commander of the air group "Dzemgi" Colonel Vladimir Tikhonov. — During the first day shifts, Su-30 performed on six missions, and in the twilight and at night three more.

During the first day of the total flight operations at the two Su-30 was 21 hours 46 minutes 38 seconds, while in the sky rose 12 military pilots.

Help "RG"

Multipurpose strike fighter Su-30 is based on an existing heavy fighter Su-27 is a modernized version of "Sparky," trainer aircraft of the Su-27UB. Initially the aircraft was created for the Russian Air Force as a fighter-interceptor aircraft defense. But the economic crisis of the nineties did not allow the Ministry of Defense to purchase this type of aircraft. Since 1992, series production of the Su-30 is mainly intended for export. Then it has been coined the new name of the Su-30MK, which means modernized, commercial. Among the first customers were Algeria, India, China, Venezuela and Malaysia. For example, in Algeria have already put 24 Su-30MKA — a modernized, commercial, Algerian. In China surpassed more than a hundred Su-30MKK, the Chinese version for India — Su-30MKI, Indian version, there is also the Su-30MKM and Su-30MKV Malaysian and Venezuelan versions. For the first Russian Air Force Su-30 were purchased in the nineties. Today, the Russian fleet of aircraft of this type consists of eleven pieces, two of which are located in the Far East, the other in Lipetsk. If the export price war machine reaches thirty-three million dollars, how much it cost the two new aircraft Russian Defense Ministry, the source does not report. Unlike the Su-27UB, Su-30 crew of two people able to fight at long range — up to three thousand miles away, for the duration of the flight without refueling three and a half hours and a maximum speed of 2,125 kilometers per hour.

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