The poor Brits will be announced not enough working people

Text:Russia Today

Nearly a million low-paid workers in the UK can find a disadvantageous status. It will deprive them of state benefits, entitlement to the poor. As stated in the Department for Work and Pensions, such a drastic measure will cause most people to find a place more money.

 According to The Guardian, people with an income of? 330 to £ 950 per month (in the UK is lower than the subsistence minimum for a 35-hour work week) will be forwarded to the special employment centers. There's a part of the national program, they will pass a special test. Those who recognize the employee with underemployment, will offer a training program. If at the end of courses people can not cope with the final task, thus showing low qualifications, it will be deprived of state subsidies.

Authorities announced that the previously state does not pay due attention to supporting working families and encourage people to seek prospective vacancies.

In this case, officials have stressed that the program is not yet finalized. They do not exclude accidental exposure to the "black list" of people who have chosen part-time job for good reasons.

But in the department emphasize that restricting social security for those who, in principle, no reason to refuse a full working day and lives off public assistance for a long time in their plans.

But experts warned the officials of a number of problems in this regard. Thus, the expert in the field of employment and pensions Liam Byrne said the government does not consider one fact: Millions of Britons are simply not able to find full-time work. This stems from its lack of actual, rather than the desire of people to get government grants.

The initiators of the reform, according to The Guardian, still plan to divide the poor people into a few basic categories. Among them will be the ones who are not able to full-time for health, those who are raising children alone, as well as people, not only working without a valid reason.

According to the head of the British Federation of Trade Unions Francis O'Grady, "dubious reform will force people with low but stable income, for the sake of a few extra hours to look for some questionable job." "Poor people will live in constant fear, and the government simply can not provide them with enough jobs" — summed up the public figure.

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