The president of South Ossetia, not a womans face …

The president of South Ossetia, not a woman's face ...

As befits a normal by today's standards, democratic state two rounds of presidential elections — is not the limit. Such prevailing in the former Soviet Union decided to support the practice-independent South Ossetia. It was found that less than 30 thousand voters for two rounds and could not solve, who will manage them in the coming years. More precisely tell the voters something, perhaps, have decided, giving the 2nd round of the elections for Alla DZHIOEVA 14828 votes, while Anatoly Bibilov 10462 votes, but by all indicators the losing candidate has decided to put on a show — a show with denunciations and accusations slightly not in an attempt to municipal coup own enemy.

Past the second round, it seemed, had to dot all the i's in South Ossetia in terms of its future development. Fasting on the views of Moscow, had to take the head of the South Ossetian Emergencies Bibilov sir, but people of South Ossetia suddenly decided to buck. The man who shook hands with Dmitry Medvedev himself, realizing that he is losing the second round at the sight of the Kremlin decided to go Thoren track. It is here made a statement that Alla Jioeva that the elections represented the opposition forces had violated the constitutional law of the Republic. From the mill's current president Kokoity heard and more than impressive expression by the fact that the lady in general can not be president of the Caucasus country. Next Eduard Kokoity decided to make amends for his somewhat discriminatory expression, and continued in that spirit that, he says, he'll naturally respects and recognizes them as absolutely equal rights, but … This is a "but" some time continued to hang in the air over South Ossetia, after serving authorities of South Ossetia recognized that it (the government), in fact, does not care about the voting results and consequently the will of the people, if only to observe some Caucasian traditions. Apparently, allowing the Allais DZHIOEVA run for president, it seriously either Kokoity or Bibilov apparently did not take. But that's almost 57% voted for it in the 2nd round, showed that they know better who give preference to the election.

After the Supreme Tribunal has decided to cancel the results of the elections in South Ossetia, hundreds of supporters of Alla DZHIOEVA took to the streets of Tskhinvali. At the same time received a "slap" in the election Bibilov supporters, including the current head of Eduard Kokoity, said they would not be tolerated in the area of South Ossetia no orange revolutions, and rushed to accuse the winning de facto election DZHIOEVA in relations with Tbilisi.

Well, of course, but what else to scare people, but ties with the main opponent of the candidate — Misha Saakashvili. Maybe that Saakashvili is now a good time, despite the fact his former fellow-citizens can not share power in a tiny Cloquet land sandwiched in the mountains.

There is evidence that from Vladikavkaz to Tskhinvali is a column of police cars, which, as they say, in which case it will be to resist dashing South Ossetians in their vain attempts of democratic excess.

Well, if surprised Misha Saakashvili, the Moscow Ossetian events even more surprised. The Kremlin, apparently, to this day can not understand that this Caucasian country in general is needed. As if from a strong Georgian hugs her torn, loans (or simply cash gifts) on the development of distance, and people with our candidate does not agree … What is it, tell me, if not Tskhinvali incident. Neuzh that people of South Ossetia decided that the assistance from the Russian Federation, and now he is quite free to continue his life because he personally (people) hunt. From the perspective of modern forms of democracy in anything wrong, certainly not, but all the same for Moscow's more like a children's mat.

It seems that there may be, but in this situation the Russian authorities themselves had made a mistake. This handshake and Bibilov Medvedev in Russia could serve as a "powerful incentive" for the promotion of the candidate, but it seems that South Ossetia — really small but proud country, the majority of voters do not accept any external pressure, even from its own strategic partner.

If Medvedev met with both candidates for the post of head of South Ossetia, the present situation would have looked completely different. Completely unclear why Moscow decided that specifically Anatoly Bibilov must be supported by Russian authorities. In fact, come to power, the same Alla Jioev attitude to the Russian Federation in the Republic would have no way changed. Well, do not believe the truth is in komplot DZHIOEVA and Saakashvili …

But as to why the Kremlin relied on Bibilov a judgment. Maybe candidacy Emergencies Minister, was selected as the protectional because of Bibilov listed some criminal "sins." In this case, Moscow would have been easier to "negotiate" with the president Bibilov, pointing to his strange past than with the president Alla DZHIOEVA that, as they read, the law is crystal clear.
But now, it seems, acting power in South Ossetia decided to "equalize" in the criminal positions with Bibilov DZHIOEVA in the sense that it does not recognize the decision of the Supreme Court and indulges organizing illegal demonstrations — and this is, my friends, art. It turns out that the March 25, 2012 the "third" round of elections will be held in South Ossetia without Alla DZHIOEVA as the tribunal ruled.

The last candidate decided to use their own last chance to turn to the Russian Federation, that Moscow has recognized the election results. Supporters DZHIOEVA marched through the streets of Tskhinvali and approached the building Russian diplomatic mission.

Again, our homeland gets into an uncomfortable position because nedavneshny course Kremlin nothing else like wrong move will not name. Now if Moscow refuses to recognize the results of the elections, in South Ossetia are riots flared up. If Moscow recognizes DZHIOEVA president, it turns out that the Kremlin simply change their preferences. Although the preferences and can be forgotten, not giving escalate the situation in the region. Bibilov more Bibilov less stability … And she's one!

Yeah, the Caucasus — a delicate and, apparently, not a woman …

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