The prosecution in the attack were not charged, arrests and interrogations continue

In the case of the terrorist attack on April 11 to pass the "hundreds of thousands" of questioning, said Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov in the on-line conference on the Internet. Meanwhile, another victim died from the attack. This — is the 14th victim of a deadly explosion.

"Innuendo" named Anatoly Kuleshov version that terrorist attack in Minsk subway organized group of terrorists with no deviations in the psyche, and some powerful intelligence agencies. April 25 Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov answered questions from visitors to the official website of Ministry of Internal Affairs during the online conference.

"It is not a single person who would doubt that it was found by those who are involved in an explosion at the metro station" October ", — said the Minister Kuleshov to question the man who handed one of the versions of those who doubt.

When asked exactly when a suspect is charged, Anatoly Kuleshov said nothing. According to the minister, to find out all the contradictions, "it is necessary to spend a great job, including hundreds of thousands of interviews and surveys."

Anatoly Kuleshov said some of the details of the investigation. In particular, that the arrested father and brother of one of the suspects as well — that the Interior Ministry had 3 official review of the activities of police officers, who "viewed" the suspect in the subway and just did not take his fingerprints. According to Kuleshov, materials testing sent to the prosecutor in the investigation team, led by Deputy Attorney General Anatoly Swede. On charges of negligence of officials one criminal case, said Anatoly Kuleshov.

The recent events in Belarus has confirmed the application of the security forces of numerous interrogations in connection with the attack. April 25 in the Gomel region have detained the activist Ales Kalita, served in a military unit, together with one of the suspects in the attack. Ales Kalita was charged with disorderly conduct and sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest, but many do not doubt that the activists were arrested as authorities continue to seek the involvement of the opposition in the terrorist attack. For questioning by prosecutors Tuesday, April 26, caused the ex-presidential candidate Gregory Kastusiou.

Gregory Kastusyou

"I was told that, in connection with the attack on the subway. I asked how I can relate to this? Not explained. They said that it was necessary to appear as a witness, and all. I know that Kalita was detained, but what my name is, I do not know. "

Reporter"What do you think of the attack? Which version you seem the most likely? . "

"I think not ordered the attack in Belarus. Maybe it's some kind of economic showdown? Maybe someone Belarusian authorities or "tail pinned," or someone "carryover"? And the performers — it's nothing. I think they are backed by a massive figure. Our country must doubt everything, considering what and as we are planting. "

On April 26, the prosecutor's office for questioning as part of the chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko. In the case of terrorist attack has already been questioned by the leader of the party "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin. "It was a formal speech, for the record," — commented on questioning the prosecutor of Minsk Sergei Kalyakin. According to the April 24 Members of the city prosecutor's office sought "to talk" and the leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, who is now abroad.

April 25 it was reported that he died in the Minsk hospital one more victim of the terrorist attack on April 11. 40-year-old citizen of Minsk Vitaly Dayneko became the 14th victim of the terrorists. Another 10 people from among the wounded, according to doctors — in "serious condition."


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