The purpose of the megaliths

Even greater difficulties arise when researchers are trying to determine — and for what, in fact, these goals have been erected so ambitious and time-consuming installations? Here the imagination of archaeologists constantly drawn to religion, culture. So, over the purpose of the famous Stonehenge in his time such assumptions were made: the funeral center, temple, where ritual sacrifices were made (and for some reason mostly innocent girls), a monument in honor of the soldiers killed in the battle, the place where the ritual dances performed …

These hypotheses are aired and now. As an example, an excerpt from the writings of Polish archaeologists Keller and Shafranskogo. Here's what the enchanting picture of Stonehenge draw these researchers:

"… A certain phallic penetration into the bosom of the earth, represented by a horseshoe circle of stones and stone altar, a solar beam running from the horizon along a long avenue could be the liturgical representation of sex, ritual gierogamiey sun god and goddess of the earth … You can imagine how, during this sacred sunrise megalithic community has been active in the mystery gierogamii, divided into two groups. Women danced around the inside, horseshoe trilitov circle, symbolizing a woman's womb. At the same time, men could form a second dance circle along the outer cromlech formed protruding phallic menhirs … "

Impressive, is not it? For such a bright holiday megalithic community members the right was worth a thousand (!) Years to build Stonehenge, drag for 320 kilometers from the mountains of Cornwall five-ton stones, straining, lifting Twenty-five-to six-meter colossus trilitov height. What did not commit for the sake of "active gierogamii"! ..


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