The route Odessa-Kupyansk-Russia brightened considerably after electrification

As a result of work on the electrification of Poltava — Kremenchug transferred to electric shortest route from the eastern borders of Ukraine (the border of the Russian Federation — Kupyansk — Base — Kharkiv — Poltava) in Odessa. This has stimulated traffic in the direction of the Black Sea port of Odessa.

Within two months after opening in November 2011, the electrified section of North Poltava — Kremenchug by the introduction of electric drive trains have managed to build the railroad in the direction of the Odessa railway on the route 11 threads for freight trains more than what was laid down in the departure of trains with thermal traction.

Significantly increased service speed (the main indicator of the quality management trains), now from Poltava to Kremenchug trains moving at 5 km / h faster than before. It also shows a clear and well-coordinated team work train: train driver, assistant station on the line and the train dispatcher.

By changing the type of traction with the heat for electricity in the area of North Poltava — Kremenchug railway improvements achieved another important performance indicator: the average weight of the train increased by almost 156 tons. Now the average weight of the train increased to 445 tons.

2 months passed the South line at the station stack in Odessa railroad trains nearly 300 more than in the previous period. In turn, and colleagues from the Odessa highway able to send to Southern Railway trains nearly 280 more. Only for one day — January 7 this year, the junction with the Odessa Burty direction was made 38 freight trains.

In the future direction of Poltava, Kremenchug be rejected additional cargo traffic volumes: from the station Stoylenskaya appointment to the Western Ukraine transitions, with the base station, Kupyansk sorting, Poltava South appointment to the CFL and Moldova, as well as Kozyatinskuyu Zhmerinsky management and South-Western Railway. In addition, this area will go to the station Krivoy Rog freight management services.

In general, the movement of cargo within the Southern Railway will focus on the following areas:

— Valuiki (RF) — Poplars — Kupyansk — Trail — Red Liman (Donetsk railway);

— Kupyansk — Base — Poltava — Kremenchug — Burty — Koristovka (DWS);

— Cherkasy (DWS) — Comb — Chernihiv — Bakhmach (South Western Railway);

— Red Liman (Donetsk Railway) — BUKIN — Base — Divination (South Western Railway).

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