The Russian civilization — its values and taboos, the western — his

In Russian civilization - its values and taboos, the western - hisWe do not impose their own, so even if they do not

Not receiving the formation of the Government of the Russian Federation want the post of Minister of Education, Tina Kandelaki found themselves undervalued and decided to remind you that may change your political accommodation. And some indicated its solidarity with the intercessors "Pussy."

Strictly speaking, the fact that it does not become Minister of Education, maybe not so good. Maybe it would be more respectful of adekvatnomyslyaschim and manage the education system than the present minister. But in retaliation authorities condemning the sentence "Pussy", describing it as "information suicide Russian Federation", "This is — Information suicide. This is a — image-loss. We have identified their otherness. In the civilized world, such things are not taken. "

And here is even more fascinating not the question of "Pussy", which received a reduced sentence unreasonable, able only to such a toolkit to encourage self-replicate wanting his name. The Tribunal, in fact, declared publicly: "Do you want to become a world-famous characters of free? Arrange a scandal in the church! After serving under the watchful care of your "rights" from the media for two years and come out ready for the millions of contracts for shooting in advertising, lectures, tours around the world with stories about your "Kampf" … But in this case it is another matter.

In the very important passage Kandelaki appeal and apply systems concepts: "image loss", "emphasized their otherness," "in the civilized world is not so accepted" …

First premise implies that the priority is declared legal or moral, and political and advocacy evaluation. That is justice, they say, in general, should not be carried out in accordance with the law, or with the other short-term political gain. Naturally, a sentence that does not take the moral society is faster against the person who made it, against the existing legal system and its enemies. But that does not mean that the punishment should be based on the zeal to make anyone profitable recollection or just someone to look and feel. All the more so if the question is not how the sentence will be perceived by society as such, but about how it will consider arranging them entirely certain information and politically active groups, previously carried out the pressure on the Tribunal on the issue.

Must, after all, to learn to distinguish between the public mood and the mood of elite groups with information resources and constantly holding both the power and the information society under pressure. They constantly try to substitute their own wishes and society, which for the most part does not have the information capabilities, and declare themselves — they are not clear on what grounds for trying to monopolize the name of "civil society. "

In this case, the construction style in the aspect of evaluating judicial decisions do not directly focused on the style of the court and its authority in the country, and to assess the outside, ie, the Russian court judgments are treated as slaves in advance to those or other external evaluations. In other words, the Tribunal is not seen as an institution of justice, as is typical PR agency, and justice itself — not as an independent branch of the government of a sovereign country, as (at best) the first instance, whose preliminary ruling must be submitted for approval by the public held view other countries, most of which are rivals of.

Awkward like myself a promise (Russian court approval of the resolution external instances), contrary to the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, and the hope that any such decision would be to look for support in competing countries.

If a person judges the Russian tribunal — which means means that the person has harmed Russia: or their nationals, or society, or the state. That is, for causing the injury Tribunal should and to punish, and to prove, that in the future such violations will also be penalized. Its main tasks — minimizing and preventing harm.

Why does it have to approve public opinion competitor countries or the countries themselves and competitors? For them because even though the harm done to their opponent — is weakening the opponent and win with them. It's not the Russo-phobia, and in competition. If rival dissatisfied your actions — which means your actions are correct, and if he pleased with them — which means they are incorrect. To think differently — or hypocrisy, or insanity.

Subsequent promise Kandelaki: fear highlight its otherness. In-1's, that's not true. Repeatedly stated that criminal penalties for disorderly conduct in the church exists in a variety of countries, and in some it is not necessary, as there will manage without him.

In-2, while communicating and seeking mutual understanding, of course, you need to find something that connects you with voedinyzhdy likely partner, but that does not mean that you need to hide what sets. Let's start with the fact that, hiding the differences, or you'll look insincere and trying to fool the partner, or find yourself a satellite adjusts to it — and specifically how he will take thee, and will take you to just such a place, just not recognizing for you right to be different, on your interests and your uniqueness.

In addition, the style, and awareness are needed in the middle of the rest of the first for respect and a willingness to consider your position and respect the first of those who respects himself and is not adjusted to the partner. Try not to be different at first is to lose, and your name, and its subjectivity, and its peculiarity.

If it comes to that, the main difference between the Russian Federation now from other global actors in the fact that it no longer holds its own project development. She always tries to show the similarities, and it is not interesting. Particularly fascinating otherness. And the respect and the number of those who said: "We are what we like to be. Here's what our name, our banner and our strength — the ability. Would you like to work — and consider negotiate. Do not want to — figure out what time it is for you to turn back. "

And finally, how to enter and come in "civilized world." There behave differently, as civilization itself — different. In the United States did not act because to do in China, Saudi Arabia — because coming to the United States. If you mean that, in Arabia sentence "Pussy" would be a few others — of course. And none of what not to imply that members of one civilization to do by other standards.

Civilization — A system of prohibitions. In some they are alone, others — others. Quarter of a century back in the cinemas of the USSR has not been taken during the session, and in the U.S. — made. Now it is accepted in Russia. Demonstration but controversial achievement of civilization.

"Human Values" let them remain Gorbachev. The Russian civilization — its values and taboos in Western Europe — the other, from the U.S. — the third. We do not deprive them of the right to ban them — until they begin to impose them on us.

Every civilization has a right to their inhibitions, and while she has them, she remains civilization. But to declare his country a "no civilization,&quo
t; and others — "civilization", for sure, no one has the right — at least in moral terms. At least until such time as he claims to be a citizen of their country.

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