The second shell Secrets — Observatory?

The history of science clearly shows that there is often some progress in one area of science is achieved through the application of methods from a different area. When applied to the megaliths unexpected results were obtained … astronomers.

Back in the early XX century, the English astronomer N. Lockyer drew attention to the fact that the main axis of Stonehenge is oriented to the point of sunrise at the summer solstice, and at this point the situation as it was thousands of years ago. Since this is a line drawn through the center of Stonehenge and the so-called Heel Stone, does not coincide exactly with the direction to the point of sunrise at the summer solstice, Lockyer suggested that this error is accumulated over time that has elapsed since the construction of Stonehenge (as because of procession — changing the angle of inclination of the Earth's axis to the plane of its orbit — the position of this point on the horizon moves slowly). Lockyer performed the appropriate calculations and concluded that Stonehenge was built between 1880 and 1480 years BC.

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This is, in general, fit into the dating Stonehenge by archaeological evidence. However, the main conclusion of Lockyer that Stonehenge was used for astronomical observations was received with hostility by archaeologists. Which, he says, could be astronomical observations at these people who did not know writing, eked out a miserable existence? Indeed, the artifacts found by archaeologists in the tombs near the British megaliths, to put it mildly, is not impressive.

These primitive diggers from deer antlers, stone hammers, roughly fashioned pots of clay poluobozhzhennoy suggest that their masters, all these vindmillhiltsy, Beeker and other tribes (the names they came up with archaeologists), who lived in the British Isles in the age structure of Stonehenge were hunters , fishing and gathering, that is the way of life of pre-revolutionary Chukchi and Eskimos. Why, as the saying goes, squeeze ass? But saying "a", the archaeologists have not dared to say "b", namely to recognize that the same vindmillhiltsy COULD calculate and construct Stonehenge itself, whatever its purpose.


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