The secrets of the ancient Egyptian priests. Secret of the origin of the Jewish people

October 12, 2011 23:20

Ancient Egypt beckons her secrets of people for centuries, but now it is of interest to any inquiring mind researcher of history, archeology, ancient architecture, governance humanity. To understand the history and methods of managing social environment is particularly interested in the following questions: what tasks set itself the Egyptian priesthood and how well hidden from the eyes of ordinary people with the knowledge they possessed? Why are hundreds of wild clans, tribes of Semites idea "chosen by God" received only one race, who was in "the Egyptian captivity?" How it happened that the savages suddenly found faith in one God? Why two and a half thousand years ago, among the Jews there were many people of so-called. "Aryan" type — light-brown hair, gray-eyed? What program implemented in the Jewish people, and why is the Egyptian priests created a "Jew"?

The ancestral home protosemitov (ancestors of the Jews, the Arabs, Arameans, Amorites and others) were the steppe (in ancient times there were blooming steppe with flowing rivers) of the Arabian Peninsula. They had very little to do with the ancient states of the region — proto-Sumerian mound, Sumer, Akkad, Babylonia, Assyria, Assyrian, Egypt. Especially before the beginning of their creation and development, which has made them the people skills of production — agriculture, animal husbandry, they bred cattle, had developed craft skills developed mythology and art. So another Academician BA Turaev in classic work "The History of the Ancient East", wrote: "Were the first Semites, occupied Babylon and Syria … the first cultural nation of the Near East? … Already Gins, Oppert and Rawlinson noted that the Middle East is not for writing Semitic language: its signs, coming out of characters, portrayed by the sounds did not correspond Semitic names of objects, depict these characters, phonetics and grammar associated with these signs represent a complete disregard for the laws Semitism. "

A protosemity and Semites in the heyday of the great cultures were at the stage of primitive hunters and gatherers were appropriating the image of farming, the apogee of their economic activities — breeding sheep and goats (by the way, this has caused terrible environmental disaster in the region, the goat has consumed all the vegetation in the steppe , as a result of the vast region were turned into deserts, and Semites protosemity looked for a new ecological niche). Their ancestral home found the remains of any major settlements, settlements, cultural achievements. Assigns a way of managing and nomadic Semites and allowed protosemitam fine (for them) to fit into the existing public education. When the lands of southern and central parts of the Arabian Peninsula began to turn into a desert delivery protosemitov began to move north. Anthropologically it was to historian and archaeologist P. Petukhov "hybrid neandertaloidami mixed with Cro-Magnon early Boreal and Negroid features". They had a very primitive language, which consists of a number of individual sounds, they did not know the gods of material and spiritual culture. According to the Sumerians — absolutely wild, actually bestial creatures.

Protosemity and Semites have played in the history of Indo-European civilization in the Middle East fatal. The Sumerians called them "tribes of March", "people of the desert", "people of death." The most developed of them hired laborers for heavy earthwork, irrigation, some — strong, became porters, bodyguards, the least developed became encampments in cities, villages and hunted petty theft, begging, collecting, traditionally herded goats and sheep. But this is not were not Arabs, nor Jew, and their ancestors. When the city-states were weak, they became nagleli robbers, murderers.

A biblical concept has become dominant not only in history, but also the culture of the European civilization. Although in reality the Bible, which is referred to historians "Bible scholars", and then the entire scientific world, it is just a set of compilation of myths, legends, beliefs, religious doctrines, which were not subjected to the same editing. If we proceed from the "biblical" traditions of Jewish history began with the patriarch Abraham, who came with his native city of Ur in 1925 BC. e. — There was a so-called. first "outcome." And the call of God given to him moved to the "promised land." And that is in fact? City of Ur is — it was one of the city-kingdoms of Sumer, it is recorded in the documents of the time, archaeological excavations. At that time — a period of 20-19 centuries BC BC., Sumer, Sumer was already in decline, cities, including Ur was a sort of "sinking ship" from which those who had proceeded to run.

More fog — solid literature. Why is Abraham? Location set a date "exodus"? If he is the first Jew — then who his mother and father? Why he is a Jew, not Sumer? It is clear that to speak of Jews in that period (20-15 century BC. E.) Is not necessary, there were protosemity common ancestors of Arabs and Jews to stand Jews needed a certain process. North as the Middle East — Suriyu-Palestine-Syria, Mesopotamia, the Caucasus, Zagros while densely populated Indo-Europeans, in the opinion. YD Petukhov Rus-Indo-Europeans.

Jews clearly separate themselves from the Arabs, including the episode of Abraham, even ideological entered the legend of the origin of the lower Arabs. Arabs, allegedly, also descendants of Abraham, but not on the "legal" wife Sarah, but from the maid Hagar. And the Arabs were not directly, but through his son Isaac, and Jacob, the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. The question is, could be the first Jew, Abraham, when he was the "father" and the Arabs? Clearly not. He was a Semite, a design point, which began to break up the way Arabs and Jews. The question is, what happened, which is why there were Arabs and Jews?

After protosemity people of the Arabian Desert, "the people of death" were etnoantropologicheski quite homogeneous, as the present Arabs and no obvious reason for such a division. Protosemitov waited in Indo-European civilization rather different fate, because the process perekochevyvaniya north was very extended in time for the millennium, century: some genera were completely assimilated, while others played the role of modern gypsies roamed between cities, hunted, what God has sent, received part of significant impurity Indo-European blood up the social ladder, becoming laborers, hired soldiers, bodyguards, small traders, money changers and the like to pour into the fetus' trade international "at the time, came to the new birth, the society gradually hybrid descendants of Indo-Europeans and decomposed, incremental process of destruction and degeneration. Crowd lounging, stealing, appropriating leading lifestyle drowned last makers, the city-state were killed in the fire and bloodshed.

While Middle Eastern civilization-European, with its local and filial civilizations (Babylon, Assyria, and so on) was very strong and stable, but a great many protosemitov method known as a "drop wears away the stone" eventually killed her. They went out of the wilderness and the prospects of starvation, in search of a new ecological niche. But, unfortunately, not able to move to the production method of farming, although agriculture was able to feed and the Indo-Europeans and protosemitov. That is what caused the hard process of fighting for a place under the sun, they would all at once. In the end, death and desolation rushed to the once flourishing cities and villages.

Tabora — "Abraham" settled throughout the Middle East, the proximity of the village, the city made it possible to survive. They gradually cultivate when the city, the area as a result of oversupply already cultivated strangers and intruders still wild "men of death" completely ruined, Tabor looking for new "promised land." It turned out that when they were developed area with generating a population that assigns management often gave way to the faster the fruits of prosperity their carriers, and without much effort (it is interesting that much of the modern descendants of the "men of death" — the Arabs, and has not learned a producing method of farming preferring to parasitize on the sale of hydrocarbons and other resources, exploitation of the historical and natural heritage — a travel agency, and so on).

Indo-Europeans were not able to resist this process, gradually degrade (with the tide of new outsiders), in the end to the beginning of a new era, they lost everywhere. And so the story written by the winners — we have the Bible, the Torah, as a sacred book of Europeans, and the biblical version of the story is a "classic." Assimilated Semites, Indo ousted from the Middle East, and the memory of them was almost erased, but recently due to the Herculean efforts of a number of researchers (including Petukhov YD), we can present the true picture of the world history.


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