The spread of the independent press in Belarus

Devoted to this problem another study The Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ).

Problems with the proliferation of independent newspapers left in 2011. A number of items of socio-political direction is still unable to cooperate with the distribution systems "Belpochta" and "Souzpechat."

Recall that in 2010, the list of "problem" of publications, compiled BAZham, composed of 11 newspapers and one magazine, "Borisov news", "newspaper Slonim», «Intex-press», «New Times», «An outlet", "Comrade "" Free Deep, "" The newspaper is for you "," Nesvizhski time "," regional newspaper "," SNplyus. Free news plus ", the magazine« ARCHE ».

What has changed in a year? The Belarusian Association of Journalists re-checked the information on each of the editions.

Newspaper «Bobruisk courier", which was not in the list of 2010, as she returned to the newsstands in July 2009 and was in the subscription catalog, tsyaepr does not go at all. As the press service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists chief Anatoly Sanotenko, edition of the newspaper suspended from the end of July 2010 due to economic problems. She currently works only site publication.

Newspapers "Borisov news» No in subscription or commercially available. In addition, said the chief editor of Anatol Bukas, editorial still have not returned equipment, which were seized in January 2011.

"Vitebsk Courier-M" de jure in Belarus no longer exist. Became a kind of successor to registered Smolensk newspaper "Vitebsk Courier", which, however, the "break into" the Belarusian distribution network could not. According to editor-in-chief Vadim Borshevsky, she goes once a week and apply on their own.

"Free Deep" continues to be sold in the kiosks of the city, in the subscription is not. The chief editor Vladimir Skrabatun says that at all deep in kiosks gets only 40 copies. The publication is designed to neighboring areas, but to get to the stalls Dokshitsy, Sharkovshchina, Miory, Wareh, Braslava, you need to make arrangements with affiliates "Soyuzpechat" in each city. For the sake of 20 copies of the regional center does not make sense, says Skrabatun.

"The newspaper is for you" Ivatsevichy from there to the end of 2010. Editor Lydia Tseluyko, according to the newspaper's staff, explained the final termination of his fatigue from this business in Belarus. Newspaper's website is not updated.

"The newspaper Slonim" — No subscription or in or on sale. Editor in chief and publisher Victor Volodoschuk, like most of those surveyed editors of regional publications are no longer going to appeal to the appropriate government agencies to solve the problem, because it does not see the point in it.

"Gantsevichi time" — Included in the subscription catalog only in the district and the city, with the February 2010 sold in kiosks Gantsevichi. But, says deputy editor Peter Guzaevsky their services subscribes "Belpochta" so highly appreciated that the newspaper can not compete with the state media.

«Intex-press» — There is not a subscription, or in kiosks.

"Nesvizhski time" — In the subscription is, in kiosks — no.

"New Era" — There is not a subscription, either at retail. Chief Editor Alex King considers pointless to complain or ask for help from the officials, as experience shows the vanity of such measures.

Slonim newspaper "An outlet", former annex to the "Newspapers Slonim," no to subscribe or in kiosks.

"The regional newspaper" — On sale at kiosks have, in a subscription — only in the Minsk region. Founder and chief editor of the newspaper Montsevich Alexander says several times trying to achieve the inclusion of the "Regional newspaper" in the Republican catalog. But the officials, despite the fact that the paper is intended for readers and the three districts of Grodno region, considered cooperation "Belposhta" and publication impractical.

"SNplyus. Free news plus " — At the kiosks is, the signature catalog no.

"Comrade" — There is not a subscription, either commercially printed abroad (Smolensk), the output is suspended (the last issue was published in July 2010). Deputy chief editor Dmitry Yanenka explains the suspension of the release of economic reasons.

Magazine «ARCHE», As before, are included in the Republican catalog, but not sold on newsstands.

Thus, there is no publication of the "list", which would have completely solved the problem of distribution.

Do not apply any "Belposhta" or "Soyuzpechat" following newspaper, registered by the Ministry of Information of Belarus:

The first "Bobruisk courier"
The second "Borisov news»
The third "Vitebsk Courier"
The fourth "Gazeta Slonim"
Fifth «Intex-press»
The sixth "New Era"
Seventh "An outlet"
Eighth "Comrade"

Covered or only "Belposhta" or only "Soyuzpechat", or in a limited area:

The first "Free Deep"
The second "Gantsevichi time"
The third "Nesvizhski time"
The sixth "Regional Newspaper"
Seventh "SNplyus. Free news plus "
+magazine «ARCHE»

"The newspaper is for you" (Ivantsevichy) was added to the list of publications, which since 2006 due to economic reasons, including due to the termination of cooperation with "Belposhta" and "Soyuzpechat" stopped going:
"BDG. The business newspaper "
"Exchange of Information" (Grodno)
"Liahovichy time" (Lyahovichi)
"The local newspaper" (Volkovisk)
"Chemist" (Novopolotsk)
"Local" (Pinsk)
"Vitebsk Courier-M" (Vitebsk).

Since last summer, suspended publication of the newspaper "Comrade" and "Bobruisk courier."

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