The suspects in the terrorist attack on the subway

Detainees suspected of terrorist attack in the subway on April 11. What do you think will be brought before the court these people as the main defendants?

Meet the experts:

Valery Kostka

Valery Kostka, KGB lieutenant colonel stock: If the court goes well, these guys — not the first figure in this case. And when they made a scapegoat, and then they will make responsible and for the organizers and for the performers.

If the investigation will take place and all of this will reveal and unfold, then definitely there will be organizers and customers, and then it will be clear who really is the executor of this heinous crime.


Kalinkina, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya": I think that because there have been many specific allegations in this case, the process is over these people and they will certainly be the main accused. But Lukashenko said recently that this process will go down in history, and therefore the case should be made very clear. I believe that the only story to really understand, what were the causes of the Minsk terrorist attack.

I have the impression that is two lines of investigation. If we were talking about one line, it was said that the suspects were on the camcorder, and finally they were detained. And when they spoke a second line, it was said that rassledavali explosion in 2008 and he suddenly got in touch with the current explosion.

Do Me a feeling that there are two different things.

Sergei Satsuk

Sergei Satsuk, editor of the online edition of "Diary": Most likely they will be the prime suspects, even if the investigation to find out that they have had some customers from outside who could not pay the money. These may be people of Russia or the West. But it is doubtful whether they will be prosecuted and even announced. If such people are found — who stands above the performers, then they would be a bargain. If they are from Russia, then Russia will be told that, well, that's what kind of people you have, but we have no shame, so let us loans.

This is standard practice at all times. We can say that there is no "fifth column", which ordered a crime in Belarus. But there may be external customers. But they will not be displayed on the court will agree with them and they are the prime suspects in the case.

Weather experts:

Yes — 2

No — 1

Responsible Komarovka

Girl"I think I have found the people that need it. And I also support the idea that we should punish them — is unique. Least that I've seen on the internet, as were the man with the bag from the station Frunze and before place, then this is it. "

Mr."Probably, these all" hang. "But if they are, then this will not be true, for there customer. Who is the customer — why do not you ask the most important thing?"

Mrs."Maybe someone will be different, since it is implementing. These kids probably could not do it by age — someone had to senior manage. Just my son 25 years old and in general — it's a baby. And I judge for your child — before he would have thought — it should be directed. "

Mr."Maybe someone was standing over them, I do not think people are just like that, for no reason want to blow up something. As has already been said — it is necessary to look to the customer."

Girl"I think these are people who are now detained, they will be blamed."

Youth"I think it's not them. On television, do not show their faces, and it seems to me that these people do not even exist. Probably did not find anyone, but to reassure the people say on television that we caught someone there. In fact it seems to me that this is not so and the trial may be others, of course. "

Mrs."I believe that the organizers have except those who did it."

Mr."It's not the people who are accused, no. This is a completely other people should be. Necessary to conduct good research — is the first, and then draw conclusions. Indeed, these camcorders are not perfect — well, that is — was shown on television and then in the newspaper — so it's a completely different person. found them in Vitebsk — so what? They specialty and is not suitable for such a case, and this modest people. could not find here on the first one, who turned to them and hang all this. "

Mrs."I think that, of course, it's performers. People who organized it, they are somewhere in the shade or we simply do not know."

Youth"I just think that the detainees — it's not the people who committed the attack. What is the government going to do — is not clear. Everybody here is hiding from us, from our people. Therefore, I believe that the answer to your question — is not the primary. "

Detainees suspected of terrorist attack in the subway 11krasavika. What do you think will be brought before the court these people as the main defendants?

Yes — 4

No — 6

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