The threat from the depths

Despite the rapid development of anti-missile weapons, observed over the last 10 years, various types of torpedoes to this day remain the primary means of defeat submarines and one of the most active agents of liquidation enemy surface vessels. Our homeland, as before, takes leading position in the development of the torpedo weapon to arm submarines and surface ships.

The threat from the depths

UGST torpedo is one of the most unique designs Russian torpedo gun. A couple of years back by the manufacturer were obtained documents that give the right to export the product. UGST exposed to 2-internationality Naval Show (IMDS) held in St. Petersburg.

In this case, during the first show, in 2003, when a torpedo wished for the first time openly to present a wide range of professionals, due to some problems with special services UGST on the second day have hidden from the audience, wrapped it in a carpet and rewound the tape. This event caused a real sensation not only in zabugornyh, and at the Russian journalists reporting on the military-technical subject. But even without this "incident" similar to frames from the hideous spy movie many professionals in the field of naval technology is fully deserved this pattern of AME pay special attention. But now we can not look back on the competent authorities to tell about UGST, which is a terrific prototype torpedo gun. This torpedo was designed spices St. Petersburg Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Research Institute of Naval Heat" and the Moscow Region SSPE "Region".

UGST — Universal deep homing torpedo designed to defeat submarines and surface ships. UGST can be produced from 533-mm torpedo tubes. In addition, it is universal in other words, the carrier can stand on the arms of both submarines and surface ships. There are two versions UGST: Length of 7.2 meters — for the Russian torpedo tubes and a length of 6.1 meters — export version of the NATO torpedo tubes.

Comparability of equipment and systems on board the carrier torpedo program is setting the system unit when binding to a specific type ship. As for the placement of the universal deep-homing torpedoes on some ships it is possible to retrofit a transition supply remote prelaunch that you can enter data in a torpedo before firing.

Russian experts at in this article were able to incorporate the modern concept of the heavy torpedoes. Mental level was increased on-board equipment torpedoes, and achieved the highest tactical and technical characteristics such as depth, distance and speed.

The threat from the depthsThe principal feature of this torpedo is its modular design. This allows you to create a whole family of torpedoes that own multi-level potential modifiable: reprogramming of the equipment in the base model to the substitution of the tank or engine compartment. This approach makes it possible to rapidly complexed UGST under certain features of the introduction of the criterion of combat torpedoes.

UGST constructively includes instrumental module, battery battle department, Tank department has the equipment compartment remote control, the propulsion system (power section), tail compartment in which are the control unit and the remote control as a coil AERVD.

UGST power plant built on the basis of the axial piston engine running on well-proven watery one-component fuel. A spinning combustion chamber is a feature of the engine. Fuel is supplied plunger high-pressure pump. Starting powder charge is placed in the combustion chamber allows for kutsee time increase the power of the propulsion system. This is especially important in the initial stage of the torpedo. Torpedo propulsion unit is a unique low noise water cannon connected directly to the engine.

The threat from the depths

The basis of architectural hardware module UGST is to initiate a reprogrammable processing core on board that integrate information of the systems on board a torpedo into a single information space embedded control systems.

Russian designers have implemented a UGST another "know-how" — biplanar controls, which are put forward for the caliber torpedo after it comes out of the torpedo tube. According to the calculations of engineers, this design allows the handlebars to significantly reduce noise torpedoes. Work rudder is also very efficient and can confidently take a heavy torpedo initial part of the path after the firing of the torpedo tube surface ship or submarine.

As for battle of the torpedo (warhead section), it is a compartment with a supplementary capsule, which is located in the explosive. Created several versions of warhead section, differing in mass and composition of explosive initiation system also during the detonation.

The head compartment, which is instrumental in the module is placed in front of the fighting compartment. Apparatus module includes homing, traffic control, command, and others. System homing universal deep homing torpedo is an active-passive. It includes a flat receiving and radiating antenna array, which is regulated in the field of view and a specially designed multi-channel active sonar devices. The system produces excellent homing search, detection and capture of enemy targets with at least some depth. You also have the possibility of an attack on the swirl purpose. The head part of the universal deep-homing torpedoes on its own shape is different from other torpedoes. It has a blunt shape with a flat wall behind which the antenna is installed CCH.

The threat from the depths

The threat from the depths

All units and systems UGST passed all laboratory and bench working out at specialized test systems for the Marine Research Institute of Heat Engineering and SPE "Region", which has recently joined the Company "Tactical Missiles". During the field test mobile torpedo sonar range (IHL) has been applied in full.

Mobile sonar range is designed to record and monitor the trajectories of torpedoes, as the level of underwater noise during the battle Navy training, research and industrial testing the waters of an area of 100 square km and a depth of 300 meters (at the anchor setting) or no restrictions (at bezyakornoy formulation). The equipment consists of up to 36 MPG radioacoustic buoy with a satellite navigation system and remote control of the situation with the tablet placed on the ship or on shore support center.

To control the location of ships, boats and aircraft use VHF transmitters th
at are associated with navigation equipment objects. On the tablet environment tracked the trajectory of goals and torpedoes, surface and underwater positioning means of providing real-time.

Data processing technique developed by Russian spices join in yourself mathematical and empirical procedures and allow the use of a full-time fades away firing a surface ship or submarine.

Hydrology landfill accounted specially developed measurement instrument rassredotachivaniya vertical speed of sound and a set of programs for calculating sound fields in the Russian test development.

The complex torpedo gun with universal deep homing torpedo delivered to the customer in the next set:
— Universal deep homing torpedo in practical and military equipment;
— Parts of torpedoes;
— operational equipment designed for construction, inspection and repair of torpedoes;
— systems and equipment for training and training of ship crews;
— onshore maintenance UGST.

The threat from the depths

Practice torpedo is designed to train personnel. This torpedo is the method of substitution warhead section practical compartment. The positive buoyancy such torpedoes provided by incomplete filling fuel tank.

Create a torpedo UGST process of evolution was the result of Russian torpedo guns, was a response to trends in the development of weapons of surface ships and submarines. It happened due to improved acoustics, increased computing capabilities on-board electronic equipment, remote control systems, equipment torpedoes highest efficiency, as the development of spices fundamentally new tactics to combat the introduction of torpedoes modern conditions of warfare at sea with the ability to actively counter the torpedo.

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