The threat of impending crushing of Serbia

The threat of further fragmentation of SerbiaSomehow managed in recent years poutihnut situation around Kosovo and Serbia. NATO bombing of Belgrade remained in the pages of history and in the hearts of the Serbian people. The saga of separating the Serbian lands eternally ended partial recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. And what on earth this troubled Balkan happens now?

Tension began to grow again after a self-proclaimed Kosovo authorities have decided that the existence within the current borders are not a lot of them. Necessary to seize and Serb enclaves, surrounded by the territory of Kosovo. One of these enclaves is now the city of Mitrovica, the bulk of the population are Serbs. Apart from Mitrovica, Kosovo Prime Minister Thaci decided that settlements Brnyak and Yasmin with CAT, they are in charge, have to go to Kosovo. Naturally, the inhabitants of these territories Serbian suddenly do not want to become citizens of a recognized part of the country, and wish to remain under the protection of Belgrade. These people can be realized. After what they did with the captured Serbs, Albanian Muslims, scary even to imagine in what the criteria would be immediately possible a few 10 s of thousands of Serbs, which may fall under the "patronage" of Kosovo. NATO and the United States calls on Serbs and Kosovars to agree, with all this intensively supporting the Kosovo Albanians. This position is genuine surprise, as has long been realized that Kosovo — is a real European cesspool on the ground which the recruitment of mercenaries in terrorist groups in captivity are people who are also illegal operations recess of human internal organs from prisoners. Neuzh that NATO and the European Union want to be in the south of Europe uncontrolled government with sprawling grounds, which of the Euro against the Union to carry out terrorist attacks.

This week the Russian salting in Belgrade did not wait for the end of the so-called regional forum to resolve the Serbian-Kosovo prepyadstviya. Alexander Konuzin left the forum, saying that he does not see people in the audience who have defended the position of the Serbian people. In this situation, the reader can use your loaf that Serbs in the hall, where he was designated a forum, not at all. But it is not so far away. Serbs in the audience was more than enough, but none of the officials did not dare to speak out against the imposed representatives of NATO and KFOR military decisions. Surprisingly, but it turns out that the Serbian authorities, in principle, are ready to "surrender" of the Kosovo enclaves and the same checkpoint at the border of Serbia. It turns out that the policy of rapprochement with the European Union so clear that President Boris Tadic decided to just squander the historic land of its own country in exchange for entering the euro zone. It says that the Serbian authorities have long spit on its own territorial integrity of the country — the main thing that Big Brother was pleased with the bureaucrats sitting in Belgrade.

In such a situation, our homeland has taken quite an active role to protect the Serbian people, and continues not to deviate from the intended course. But it is worth saying that if the Serbs themselves do not appear to preserve its government united and independent, then no help from the outside will not help. It is the same as if the doctor tried to cure the ailing, and that, in the open, after all therapeutic procedures perceived poison. It is already possible to ask the question: are we supposed to need it when the Serb control looks, dare I say it, semolina.

Davneshnie fraternal affairs of the Russian and Serbian peoples — that's what drives our politicians are trying to save Serbia from the impending destruction. This can occur for the same scenario, in which the destruction of Yugoslavia began in the late '80s. But the West does not seem enough that the whole of the once great country remains a patchwork quilt. Theorists destruction of Slavic unity decided to create the newest strategy, according to which the Serbian countries should remain the truest ruins.

To understand the whole catastrophe of the Serbian people turn to nedavneshney stories. Terrible thing, but above the heart of Europe, like all well remember, in 1999 there were NATO bombers and began systematically to destroy innocent people in Serbia. This operation can be considered a real barbarism. Later, a bloody war broke out between Serbs and Albanians for the fact that Kosovo became independent state. At the very active support of NATO and the EU Kosovo separated by rockets and shells from Belgrade and have appointed their own government. This government was headed by Hashim Thaci last action, which their hands to kill innocent inhabitants of Serb villages, cut the Orthodox clergy and blew Serbian monasteries, many of which were over 500 years. Such humiliation Serbia had not experienced since the days of the Ottoman yoke.

And here it turns out that the shed blood of Serbian seemingly not a particularly compelling for today's Serbian authorities. With so desire they "pull" Serbian people the European Union, the unity of which is currently moribund, that are ready to throw in the Albanian mercy entire cities …

Let's lay that demarche Russian diplomat sobering effect on Boris Tadic, and its relationship to the views of the Russian Federation and abandoned Serbian citizens, surrounded by Kosovo and NATO troops, the politician in the most recent change. Dance to the NATO tune can lead to the continuation of crushing Serbia and beyond.

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