The threat of todays world — cyber terrorism

The threat to the current world - cyber terrorismIn September 2012 the capital airport "Domodedovo" because of a failure in the system of registration of thousands of passengers could not fit to fly to the destination airport. The situation is difficult, but, fortunately, did not lead to tragedy in a human victims. To continue to avoid a similar situation, the airlines evenly scamper to work in an environment of local networks of certain airports, which lowers the value of a global network of passenger check-in.

In all sectors of the global economy confidently entered a computer system. Active network equipment which controls the operation of industrial and infrastructure companies, is in control of complex processes, it becomes an integral part of the decision-making person. These criteria on the first place there is the problem of ensuring the security of the management of computer systems. Managing Russian company "Kaspersky Lab", specializing in the development of anti-virus programs, believes that the world's population is on the verge of an era of cyber-terrorism. People will feel more at himself for the danger. In particular, large computer systems are subject to the threat of nuclear facilities.

Global information and hardware network Web is constantly being improved: there arise new services, vast resources and an unlimited amount of disk imaging. But with the evolving media web browsing and cybercriminals, with a side of not only the "professional development", and to the loss of the positive side of human qualities. They are stingy, bitter, greedy and carnivorous. Their work can be a real shock to people.

Previously, security experts at doing more protection of personal and monetary disk imaging, but now they have to make every effort to take measures to protect against unauthorized penetration of the network.
Cause great damage to network cyberhawks, but more so unsafe called "hacktivists" that harm not for the sake of monetary gain, but for the sake of a whim.

A new type of illegal intelligence activities — cyber espionage. In the U.S., posted a report, which noted that China and our homeland terrorized the Yankees their cyber attacks. As a result, attackers gain access to hidden developments in various fields of modern technology and government resources. But, to this day, the Yankees, despite their progress in the IT sector, have failed to make an effective resistance network aggressors.

Cyber attacks on the hidden information systems cause more harm than the activity of a huge number of spies working of old ways. Active hacker attacks are constantly resources Pentagon weapons companies, submarines and nuclear facilities. It is possible that kiberhakery work for the secret services of their own states.

Risk of failure COMPUTER systems of nuclear facilities affirmed the situation when the Stuxnet virus had disabled the Iranian program from managing the operation of the equipment to enrich uranium, which led to a malfunction of the centrifuge.

This incident has constrained many countries think about protecting their own actual principal objects, in particular, energy and utilities.

Specialists believe that the programming have gained such a level that the computer code can damage though which object will arrange to sow chaos and panic.

While terrorists do not have sufficient knowledge, skills and technical support for the realization of serious cyber attacks, but that's no reason to calm down. At least some time, they can attract, steal, force yourself to work on appropriate professionals. Software attacks invisible, hidden in the depths of the global computer network — and that they are even more dangerous.

In the world there is no country that would be one hundred percent protected from attack by cyber-terrorists. A cyber attack is not so hard to organize — to attract quite a few competent programmers, engineers, purchase equipment.

Cyberterrorism people can resist only by joint efforts. Only if they are ready for this?

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