The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, and Homichenko Protasenya. The second day

In the October court of 28 April continued the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the truth!" Pavel Vinogradov, Ales Kirkevich to Young, a member of the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov, Dmitri Drozd, the so-called "earphone" Vladimir Homichenko iAndreem Protasenya that has not been to any party or movement.

Courts for Square

18:00 In the trial adjourned until April 29. The process will resume and10th morning.

17:15 Court hears witness Oleg Gulak. Gulak told about his impressions: no ice ax and a metal reinforcement at the demonstrators, he did not see. Skirmishes during the transition to Independence Square was not. According to him, Statkevich urged to go to the Red Church, Andrei Sannikov later called to go to the Government House, but it was not directly part of the appeal to Government House. According to estimates of BHC in the action involved about 30,000 people. Gulak was there as an observer.

Gulak was near the monument to Lenin, heard the roar of about half past nine. Several people were beaten glass. There are journalists who have started to take off. Who beat — not to be seen. But it was a small group of people, not the crowd. I was surprised that the police did not stop them.

Glass beat 15 people, stood next to police chiefs in civilian clothes. "I know them — said Gulak. — There were about 8-10. I walked over and asked, why do not you respond? They say, and where did you get the idea that we are the commanders? "

16:50 Witness Artsibashev the judge refused to testify on the grounds that he supposedly used to be in the courtroom. Indications gives literary Joseph Yanushkevich. Yanushkevich says he knows Dmitri Drozd on joint work in the archives, struck precocious adult diligence and thorough approach to business.

16:10 Indications gives Alexander Protasenya — the brother of the accused Andrei Protasenya. Alexander said that his brother and friends were at the Independence Square, just around about 2 hours. Heard the sound of breaking glass, "At this point brother was with me, then asked permission to go see what was going on. He came back pretty quickly, but it was evident that he had been hit. Later, Andrew said that inflicted several blows on their shields. "

He says that they have left the area to disperse the protesters. And come to see the results of the election and see what will happen in the square. The judge noted the contradictions in the affidavits Protasenya. Testifying Vyacheslav, a member Protasenya. He says that someone spoke, but was not heard. We decided to leave when the police came, "Ringing Glass heard. On5-7 Andrew stepped minutes, and then we parted. Flags seen, and sticks, other weapons — no. " Said that Andrew Protasenya was in a bright yellow cap and a jacket.

15:30 Call witnesses Rytsika, deputy commander of the battalion. Of those present in the dock, he learned Homichenko. Division performed on the area of a variety of tasks, so changed their bases. Violence against police officers use force against them, he did not see. How to beat the glass, he could not see. He says he's delaying Homichenko, and he resisted, he would not go. Activism near the Government House, he personally did not see. But he believes that the protesters have been the intention to break into Government House.

The reading gives witness Alexander Garbenak. He had served in the police uniform. Homichenko learned. Said his hold. Seen in the crowd flags, fishing rods.

He saw the protesters rushed to the boards of special forces. He says that active steps made 500 people. Cursing obscenities, and many were intoxicated.

Homichenko by witnesses who shouted something. He pulled Homichenko in the middle of the square. He did nothing, just stood there and cried.

How many people are detained Homichenko not said. Noticed that he was intoxicated. He does not remember was the arrest report. Confused over time. He says that delaying Homichenko about half dyasyatuyu.Paslya dispersal of people seen in the square broken rods.

When his unit arrived at the Independence Square, the glass is broke. Metal objects he saw. Saw the foam from the fire extinguisher

After the break, gives evidence Yuriy Soroka victim, a policeman of the Soviet district police.

Forty-led dakumentavanne, his task — to capture events on video. First it was when McDonald's, then — on October Square.

When the crowd went to Independence Square, Soroka found himself at the right edge of the White House. The active part — about 50 people — went to the entrance. Heard the sound of breaking glass, fixed the individual moments, the behavior of people. Close the door did not fit. He dealt a major blow to the nose. Stutz at the time of consciousness. Woke up, went on record that it was the right of the entrance. Appeared commandos. In order not to interfere, was behind the police. Near the post office colleague said that he had something with his nose. Headed to medchastku. Diagnosis — soft tissue abrasion. Fracture was not. We saw protesters sticks, fishing rods, fire extinguisher.

Forty-one of the protesters saw something under his clothes "bulky". The defendants did not recognize anyone. Kirkevich the question whether he had seen someone attacked the police, Soroka said he did not remember.

How many people were at the Independence Square, Soroka did not dare to say. When asked why he was wary to approach the police, did not have time to answer — the judge withdrew the issue.

I saw how broke the windows of the Government House. Heard the cries of "bald tire", "Lama". Independence Square tremors felt in the back, slapping the camera.

BREAK 13:30 to 14:15

13:00 Gives testimony Hushcha victim, an instructor in physical training. None of the accused does not know, he sees them for the first time.

The crowd tried to break through the chain fighters. Received a team, "Trim" from the crowd of the Government House. Got graze the knee.

Claims to have been with shields on the elbows and knees. But they protect only the front part. A knee was hit from the side. The hospital did not go away. It did not come close to the porch.

Any objects such as sticks, rods, fittings he did not see the protesters.

12:45 Gives testimony the injured commando Alexander Volkov. Was at the Palace of Trade Unions, the team came to arrive at Independence Square. There he was kicked by the right knee.

Wolf says that on the front porch of the Government House was about 50 people. How to beat the glass, he had not seen. He was hit several times in the head with a stick. Later, an unidentified man kicked the knee. For physicians Wolves did not address.

The judge said some of the contradictions in the oral evidence in court and written testimony he gave earlier.

12:10 Start testify deputy company commander of Special Forces militia Sergey Lushchik. During the crackdown, he got a hematoma on his buttocks. At trial, he dressed in black uniforms.

Lushchik was an area without a shield, because he — the head, and his task — to control the fighters. There was an order adtsyasnits crowd from the Government House. He got hit with an ice ax on the right buttock. I have seen with th
e participants telescopic fishing rods, shanks shovels. Believes that they can cause significant damage. None of the defendants did not know and did not see. She says that his site had been 2-3 attempts to break through to the Government House.

Beating him and his subordinates considers illegal actions.

According to Lushchik, the crowd was tuned pretty aggressively. There have been attempts to break into the Government House. But the chain did not give the police a breakthrough.

11:30 The fourth victim, a policeman Pilipeyko also initially held in reserve. Was 15 meters from the Government House. He says that the attacks were applied to him in the legs, arms, torso. He says that the crowd attacked several times in the ranks of the police. A bunch of men in jackets shouting "beat cops", struck his arms and legs. A man sprayed a fire extinguisher. Saw the bait, cuttings shovels. He says that he burns the nasal cavity. But medical care is not addressed.

People in the enclosures he would now no longer recognized. A man with a fire extinguisher — too. Says, it took a lot of time. He attacked only the hands and feet. Colleagues went and sticks. He believes that the crowd was the intention to break into Government House.

The judge noted the contradiction between today's oral testimony and written, the data earlier. After all, there is the victim wrote that slipped. And today said that it tumbled down. The victim recognized the more accurate affidavit.

11:20 The victim Sakach
says that one of the five accused had not seen or knows them.

The judge did not allow accused Dmitry Drozdov ask the injured police officer.

10:55 Gives testimony victim Sakach. It is a fast walker in the same platoon. Dec. 19 from 16 hours, he was in reserve behind the Palace of the Republic. About 22 hours received an order to go to the Government House. Says that have been hitting the shields and kicking

Acts Zinkevich victim. Says he stood with his back to the main entrance to the Government House and held back the crowd. I saw how buzzed the door, I heard the sound of breaking glass. Got a lot of blows to the head, lost his shield. Feed the fire extinguisher next to him someone sent into the ground. Got a chemical burn. The people saw the sticks and even a metal rod.

10:30 The judge read out the written statement Skorokhoda from the case. Who beat him, does not know Scorohod. In written testimony Scorohod writes that slipped and fell.

10:20In the hall are two rows of benches occupied by victims. Two more — students who were brought into the hall. For all other relatives and there are only three rows of benches.

10:03 Question Skorokhoda injured policeman. He was on duty on October Square and on to Independence Square.

Walker says that stood among the active participants and the crowd. Do not let people break into the Government House. He says that it knocked to the ground, tore off the helmet and caused 2-3 blow to the head. Appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs hospital. Diagnosis — traumatic brain injury. None of the five defendants knew they had not been beaten.

10:00 Began the process. In the Court of the victims caused by the police. Some of them were taken to court by Guerrilla process Sannikov.

Homichenko, Thrush, Kirkevich Protasenya and accused of involvement in the riots, and Vinogradov, in addition, is accused of insulting national symbols.

The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, and Homichenko Protasenya

Pavel Vinogradov

He was born on April 24, 1988 in Minsk. He graduated from vocational school number 4. He studied at the Faculty of History and Geography of the Minsk State Pedagogical University.

Was active in the campaign "European Belarus". For political activities detained by police. In 2008, he was a defendant in the "case 14 " under Article 342 of the Criminal Code, which was opened for participation in the rally of entrepreneurs January 10, 2008. He was sentenced to two years of imprisonment without sending them to penitentiary institutions. A year later pardoned.

Recently, an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth", a member of the initiative group of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. He was arrested on the night of January 5, 2011. He is charged under articles 1 and 2 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code (organization and participation in mass disorders). Detained in jail number 1 in Minsk on the street Volodarskogo 2.

Ales Kirkevich

The deputy chairman of the "Young Front", the head of his department of Grodno. He's 21. He was born in Grodno in the family historians. Joined the history department of the University of Grodno, but decided to defer their studies for the sake of political activity.

He was arrested Jan. 28 after a search of his apartment and the questioning of the Grodno KGB on charges of rioting. Taken to Minsk and placed in the KGB detention center. He was charged under Part 2 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code — Active participation in the riots.

Andrew Protasenya

He was born on December 12, 1981. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Belarusian State University. He worked as a computer programmer. A member of the UCP.

Volunteers was in the campaign of presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk.

Detained on February 9, 2011. He is charged under Part 2 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code — "an active part in the riots." Is in custody in the KGB detention center.

Dmitri Drozd

He was born on March 26, 1973. He worked as a photographer, a great scholar, researched the archives.

Not interested in politics.

In 2010 he published his great work — the book "Landowners Minsk province 1861-1900 ".

Under the election campaign in 2010 was a member of the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov. For participating in a protest on December 19 left 10-day arrest. February 1, 2011 has been taken into custody for 3 days as a suspect in Part 2 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code. Charged with participating in a riot. Contained in jail number 1 Valadarski Street.


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