The trial Vinogradov Kirkevich, thrushes, Homichenko, Protasenya. The third day

In the October court of 28 April continued the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the truth!" Pavel Vinogradov, Ales Kirkevich to Young, a member of the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov, Dmitri Drozd, the so-called "earphone" Vladimir Homichenko iAndreem Protasenya that has not been to any party or movement.

Judge — Alla Bulash. Lawyers — Mackiewicz, A., Zinkevich, Pugacheva, Gorbatok.

17:05 In court adjourned. The process will resume at 10 am on May 4.

16:40 Began consideration of the case.

16:35 In Pratasenii — good feature, a gold medal at the school. Good performance with BSU and workplaces.

16:30 — 16:30 The prosecutor read the case file Pavel Vinogradov. Search protocol. For information on the availability of bank deposits and accounts in his name. Lists what was on the hard drive of the computer.

The prosecutor only lists that for the documents in the file are not reading out their

15:50 Reading materials Homichenko. Unfit for military service. Judged. 3 months of arrest. Released on December 6.

15:45 Read their characteristics Dmitri Drozd. The most positive reviews from everywhere.

15:10 15:39 The prosecutor read out the report of the expert Borovsky: Point of sticks, selgasinventar, ledaruby, rods, sticks, guns are not. Remaining liquid in the canister and the liquid in bottles — are not fuel. In some bottled liquid contains alcohol. In the numbered bottles of liquid residues vognenebyaspechnay not.

Losses caused by the building of the Government House — 14 million rubles — compensated.

The prosecutor read out the conclusion of forensic examination on the recognition of commandos injured victims.

Preliminary diagnosis is not objectively proven medically appropriate.

Diagnosis SWAT police Lushchik — hematoma on his buttocks — also can not be confirmed.

14:47 The list is almost the same things in different places. Also found: 15 sticks, 2 ledaruby, 56 tackles, 15 caps annoyance, 1 collar, 1 hood, 1 pair of gloves, toilet seat — read the general list znodenaga the square.

14:36 Found: shovel, empty bottles, with the remains of a yellow liquid. On the cover of the marker reads "14." Smoke Bomb. Another bottle with a lid and labeled "17".

14:05 The process resumed. Examine the written materials of the case. Report of survey Independence Square. Indicated that there were smoke bombs, empty bottles, plastic bags, metal rods, pieces of fabrics, garments and wooden sticks. There were bottles and the remnants may combustible mixture. Lists the broken glass at the Government House, the things that have been found nearby: bags, bottles, remnants of Wood. Lists: smoke bombs, pepper spray, flags with the inscription "For Neklyaeva." Opposite the house down the street Soviet, 11 and Pedagogical University found the green flag, two bandages on the face, beer bottle, cloth, paper with traces of the substance brown, cup with lid, mobile phone black, various items of clothing, the remains of Wood. Minutes of the site survey front of the Government including the monument to Lenin found gloves, fragemnt white cloth with the words "Youth for Romanchuk", a plastic bottle, a piece of paper with the text and the text "Zenon Pozniak."

12:55 In court adjourned until14:00.

11:55 — 12:55 The judge continues to read out the written statements of the victims policemen. The evidence is very similar. Participants of the action applied to them hitting their shields with sticks, hands and feet.

The victim was struck several times Idol. At the hospital was not.

The victim Palavinkin received blows to the right cheek. Describe the person who hit him, he can not. Only remembers that the young man was wearing a black hat. Palavinkin detained protesters. The clinic found bruised jaw. At the hospital was not.

The judge read a detailed testimony of the victims and Levitsky Masalsky. Masalskiy describes the four young men who were beaten on the shield and the head. He was diagnosed with neck injury.

The victim Zhyznevski writes that he has been hitting the chest. At the hospital he was not. The victim Tarasevich — bruised right shoulder joint.

Statements of the victims policemen Lisowski, Ksyanzova, Moskalyova, zaek very similar. In all the attacks knee, legs, neck. At the hospital were not.

10:55 The audience left the courtroom — the court considers the results of a psychiatric examination of Vladimir Homichenko in closed session.

10:49 Read the testimony of the victim Kudravtsova. He put a few blows with sticks, fists and feet. At the hospital he had been a week since there were many injured spot.

10:45 Credited the testimony of victims who did not appear in court due to illness and holidays.

10:05 — 10:45 Listen to the witness George Davidovich, a platoon commander SWAT officers. None of the accused, he does not know. Says that it was on the square. What was on the porch, not seen. All his attention was absorbed by the people in the square. They shouted. There were many insults to the police. In the hands of some of them had an ax handle of a shovel, fishing rod. He personally tore the helmet and punched in the face, breaking his lip. Hit a metal dump. To the side of the police someone sprayed powder vognetushylnik. The police were all white. Help him in the hospital. At the hospital was not. His unit helped displace people from the area.

After the crackdown on the area has seen nikih cans, bottles, metal rods.

No claims to the accused does not have a commando.

Lawyer Alexandrovich asks, "What kind of leadership has set a specific goal in front of special forces soldiers?" Davidovich said in general terms about the support order.

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