The work of the Druids? Mystery of the 60-meter crop circle near Stonehenge

October 25, 2011 8:18

Riddle of the construction and purpose of Stonehenge has been and is the subject of debate among scientists minds for decades. Now the researchers appeared another puzzle — a giant circle on the field (61 m), which appeared close to the ancient magic of the monument. Needless to say, this phenomenon is instantly transformed into an object of debate, explaining the origin of the miracle of the circle.

A huge 60-meter circle in a wheat field near Stonehenge came yesterday. Some believe that crop circles are created artificially, others that they are caused by the magnetic field of the Earth. There are also advocates of intervention alien creatures.
The site on which the Stonehenge and the surrounding lands are considered the most important historical site in the UK and prove to be hot spot for ardent fans of different types of unusual events of the season.
Yesterday's range is just the latest in a string of crop circles in Wiltshire, which began to appear like mushrooms after the rain in recent weeks. Internet enthusiast Eliakis Joseph Sofia (Eliakis Joseph-Sophia) tried to offer some explanation, believing that "the circle shown in Figure three phases of the moon."

This is the third crop circle near Stonehenge this year. Riddle of the mysterious appearance of crop circles could not find an explanation, though widely believed that all of this — the elaborate hoax.

Skeptics argue that the pictures of the crop circles are the development of computer scientists who have looked to teams of volunteers. However, the ardent defenders of crop circles insist that the night time in the summer is not enough to create a community earthly beings. Many people believe that these figures are actually messages from extraterrestrial life forms, or even God.

Another theory is that the enormous energy that accumulates in the ionosphere above the ground, in the time rushes to the earth and made the crop circles. This usually happens on the chalk soil in areas traditionally known for their "energy" and the mystic past.

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