Therapeutic vampirism — the blood of young elders to youth!

From old time were the ones who own youth was more morality and conscience, because the legends of vampires who drink the blood of young girls was clearly not just a bedtime story. How do I get it? It's simple. Scientists at Stanford University in California, suggest that regular injections of the blood of young mice, old individuals update communication between the cells of the cortex of the brain, improve memory, and rejuvenate the body as a whole. Very soon, this will be a way to rejuvenate the flow and for the people. Just seems to me that this discovery was made a long time ago, only made public only now.

This was October 18 The Guardian writes citing a report by Prof. Saul Villedoy at the annual conference of the Society for Neuroscience (Society for Neuroscience) in New Orleans.

During the experiments, Stanford biologists have established a link between the blood vessels of old and young mice, allowing blood to mix and circulate in their bodies — which led to a dramatic improvement of the old mouse brain, which was to act as a much younger.

Currently, this method is tested for anti-aging mice suffering from a disease similar to Alzheimer's disease, and is reported to informed sources, the experiment is successful. Scientists believe that Alzheimer's treatment by the young blood will be more effective than penicillin injections used today.

Furthermore, experimental results show that infusion of young blood also strengthen muscles elderly, their liver and immune system. Scientists point out that these studies are still in the early stages, but over time they plan to conduct experiments on humans.



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