There are more things on earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy

December 6, 2012 9:53

During his life, pretty shook the world, I came to the conclusion: our planet is unique and mysterious, and the secrets that it holds, it is unlikely to be revealed until the end. But we tend to think of the long expanses. What do we know about their land, their city? Is there and there is something unknown and preservation? It turns out there, and plenty.

Guests from space

Traveling to Madagascar, I watched a huge cigar-shaped UFO flying size of a football field. It happened in the evening. From its square windows shone unpleasant to the human perception of light. The flight of the giant object is passed silently, and he moved so quickly and subtly, that I and my companion literally frozen in a stupor, to remind the state of hypnosis. Happy is that I was not alone, and, being of sound mind and memory, with full responsibility I can say — it was not a hallucination or a mirage, they are rare in Africa. After that incident, I finally made to a conclusion, which is my axiom — we are not alone in the universe.

Full fiasco

This happened to me in Dombai where I am part of an archaeological expedition took part in the excavation of one of the mound. The slope Moussa — Achitara I watched Ptyshskim waterfall. Suddenly tridtsatimetrovaya water jet … disappeared before my eyes! At first I thought it was partially blind. But no. It was not so much a beautiful and majestic. It turns out that the glacier, which knock out a powerful jet of water suddenly broke off and crushed a waterfall. Then he reached me roar and crackle. The majestic silence lasted half a minute, then pulled out of the water ice prison, and everything fell into place. The wise mother nature has restored its self to create beauty.

Flying over Lake

Incumbents south-western region of Stavropol still recall with a shudder the horrors of two decades ago, when over their heads with the roar of rushing jets. So that's one of the pilots personally told me rather strange story.

"On a clear summer day, I made a training flight over Sengileevsky lake. During the turn looked down on the surface of the lake. Compared with low altitude, almost at the water surface, at a depth of around one meter, I saw a five-meter-like creature on the fish, but on both sides, he had his hands! For a few seconds I was able to clearly consider it. Take another turn, I returned to the spot, but the creature was gone, leaving no trace. About what they saw, I did not tell anyone, for fear that I recognize mad and write off retirement for unusual fantasy. But it was. After the pilot before the flight passes a medical examination. "

Fishermen catch fish …

Another case occurred more mysterious all at the same Sengileevsky lake. Two fishermen were sitting on the bank of the night, although fishing on Lake strictly forbidden. Quietly flowed leisurely conversation. It was a full moon, the sky full of stars, no wind on the lake, no wind. Suddenly, in the still of the night in 50 meters from the shore heard intense bursts. One, two, three. Driving with the noise wave is rapidly moving toward the shore, where there are our pseudo-fishermen. And in the seven meters away, almost at the water's edge, was spinning in the water, and with a powerful finishing burst out of the water appeared something so horrible that our fishermen were able to recover only when to run away from their place of fishing, perhaps a mile and or two. Fell to the ground exhausted and barely unyav wildly gushing heart, my friends came to the conclusion that the two saw the introduction of the legendary creature that is called in Russian fairy tales mermaid.

Stavropol Golconda

Ten years ago in the vicinity of Stavropol was found a diamond the size of a pigeon's egg. Find, of course, classified, and of the fact that such a rare stone is not reported in any media. But the people involved in this mystery, and told me that the mineral was found in the breed blue, most likely in the kimberlite pipe, and it is in this meet these precious stones.


So, what do we know about Russia, about our native land? Almost nothing! Read somewhere that our country has been studied for only four percent! You can imagine how many mysteries and secrets we are open!

Including in the field of art history. In Stavropol have not found (and they exist because of the fact there are documented evidence): painting by Albrecht Durer, unknown book of poems by Mikhail Lermontov, Pushkin's wife unknown portrait of Karl Briullov, one of the most famous versions of Cossacks by Ilya Repin, and also Van Gogh painting called "Fisherman"!

Vladimir Sotnikov

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