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There are very few decent reasons to start a conversation with the impending calendar holidays or weather. This is — an exception. Rainy December demands to change the usual "winter" approach to skin care, and, in addition, that sunless December and January weekend — the best time of the year for a variety of cosmetic procedures. This was "MedPortalu" said Catherine Carenko, cosmetician Moscow "Medical Institutions on issues of Phlebology."

So whether you want to enjoy this weather?

Any weather — grace, as you know. But from the point of view of the current cosmetologist Dec. particularly good. Who is warm enough and, as a rule, relatively humid. In addition, working with less intensity heating, and hence in our homes and offices over optimum microclimate for storage in skin moisture.

However, even in this weather to mitigate harmful to skin sudden changes in temperature. My favorite advice is addressed to women behind the wheel. Driving up to the destination, reduce teperatura in the cabin for5-10 minutes before the end of the trip. Even such simple solutions can help get rid of the sharp temperature drop and the associated symptoms of rosacea, when a woman who came from the street unpleasant turns purple, for example, the tip of the nose.

However, this year, perhaps, we all got a lovely respite in order to prepare the skin for this winter. When the temperature is around zero degrees, you need to stop using moisturizers in the morning and leave them on the evening. On the morning of the preferred nutrient or protective cream on the basis of the emulsion. Thin protective film protects the skin from the effects of weather, to avoid dryness and flaking.

So, beauticians will also be able to relax with a good conscience in the upcoming New Year holidays?

Oh no, just the opposite. In fact, the New Year and January days — a time when you have to deal with not maintaining beauty, and its multiplying. Now — the best time for a range of beauty treatments.

Why? Is the summer, under the warm sun, it's not "heal" better?

In sun the whole thing. Sunlight — then ultraviolet light, and ultraviolet light — is an absolute enemy of the skin. In the arsenal of cosmetics have a whole range of procedures in which we call the enhanced regeneration of the skin, that is "made" it faster and more efficiently updated. This occurs when peeling, mesotherapy, ozone therapy, when dealing with freckles, scars, acne … In such a situation, the sunlight — the risk of uneven skin repair, the occurrence of pigmentation disorders: white or dark spots, which then will not be easy to fix.

And indeed it is difficult to avoid damage to the summer soft, new skin after the procedure open to harmful factors. We believe that in the hot season, many cosmetic procedures to appoint unacceptable and irresponsible.

What, for example?

For example, when you want to remove nasolabial folds, has been successfully applied to the introduction of the so-called skin fillers, wrinkle filling arisen. Often, you need to enter a rather large amount of material, it stretches, injure the surrounding tissue. If there is sun — this is the risk of hyperpigmentation of the treated area: lined on the skin can cause dark stripe. In winter, the skin will remain "cold", that is clean and undamaged.

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In the summer can be neither properly protect the person from ultraviolet radiation, or even permanently protect the skin with a special cream: what's the barrier cream in the heat? Only in the winter you can spend, say, retinoic peeling, complete the full moisturizing mask, apply a nourishing cream, and be sure that, first, the woman will be comfortable to get home and follow all instructions in the next few days, and, in addition, that all our efforts are not negate departure to the country in the next few weekend.

… Especially because this time the "weekend" will be extra long, a full 10 days?

Just that, after the long winter evenings, the second most important reason why we, cosmetologists, with great respect for the New Year! Long holidays — the perfect time for any procedure, after which we recommend a few days to stay at home.

Usually, to ensure the rehabilitation recommended to appoint the procedure on Thursday or Friday, and then take a few days of compensatory time off, is not it?

Yes, but what could be the time off during the crisis? And here come the holidays — the perfect gift any business woman. The situation today is different to 'wave' somewhere to the beach. But to invest in yourself — it's time.

And for the holidays, "MUPF" is not closed?

We are always working six days a week. And throughout 2009 will not be a better time to improve the appearance of: erase wrinkles, alignment in relief, lighten the skin.

On 3 January, our center will be working all professionals.

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Apart from the already mentioned peeling, various injections of beauty, it will be possible to ozone therapy and spider veins, and electrocoagulation removal of papillomas or warts (we prefer this method, it allows you to ensure that no scarring). After these interventions, for example, on the skin for 2-3 days may appear small purple prozhilochki, on vacation, there is nothing to worry about.

Yes, at least come up with a speck in disguise after the holidays to shop — you can, and then begin the responsible business, important meetings and endless back month after month will postpone …

That's right. So celebrate the New Year and come. A week of intense winter cosmetic treatment of the skin can "reset" of 3-5 years, which means that you and rejuvenated!

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