Thus began a new trial for the estate BPF

In the Economic Court of Minsk began consideration of the claim to the BPF ZHREO Soviet district of Minsk. The party leadership challenges the decision not to renew the utility tenancy agreement.

The grounds for refusal to rent utilities called delay in payment. The party leaders told the court that the debts have been eliminated and the time to appeal the violation expired. Another argument in favor of the party calls the vice-chairman Gregory Kastusyou:

"By 2010, we had an unlimited contract. But according to the decree of the President and at the request ZHREO agreement was signed in 2010, where we needed to extend the lease for three years, as already felt the threat. Property management Minsk city executive committee has given us two letters of guarantee, from April 1 2011but with us is concluded such an agreement. These letters of guarantee, we also handed over to the court. "

Judge of the Economic Court of Minsk Elena Melnikova announced the trial preparation — the main place in early May. Also in May, will be the main hearing on the counterclaim ZHREO to BPF. On hopes for a positive decision of litigation Kastusyou said:

Legal hope there is, but we do not have the political hopes.

"Legal hope there is, but we do not have the political hopes. We clearly understand that this is a political order for the eviction of the Belarusian Popular Front Party of occupied office. After all, before the election, to us it was a very different attitude, and when the elections were held, from the beginning of the new year there was a different approach. And clearly, that this approach — the political. "

Because of the small hope it will be possible to reserve the right to lease the premises to the Justices have taken part of the documentation and party property. The dispute is over the estate BPF seeps into the general context of confrontation with the authorities of the democratic opposition forces in the country, says the chairman of Yanukevich:

"Ongoing pressure and reduce the opportunities for opposition activities. And since that's the estate — it is incumbent party's office, as well as the center of social and political life, the authorities have taken a policy of persecution, it is quite natural in this context, as is the desire to deprive the party of the Belarusian Popular Front and all the opposition political parties the opportunity to have this space in the center of Minsk. "

The lease contract office BPF ended March 31. From of the day activists organized in the premises all times. Also in support of the protection of the estate in the council occur daily creative activities.



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