Tine snegopogruzchiki — the best solution for cleaning of streets in the snowy winter

Community services specialists cities have repeatedly emphasized that clearing snow from the driveway just Tine way — the best decision a difficult problem. Tine snegopogruzchiki, unlike road machines with blade and rotary snow plows, snow clears trees at the side of the road and does not narrow, and therefore guaranteed to reduce the likelihood of the reason why traffic jams in the "rush hours".

Automobile Plant "Automobiles and Motors of the Urals (Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk region) produces upgraded all-wheel drive Tine snegopogruzchiki KO-206M, city services are widely used in Russia and abroad.

Not least, this is due to the very attractive price of the car compared to the competition present in the domestic market.

Snegopogruzchiki KO-206M is designed to be loaded into vehicles of loose snow, chipping, as well as compacted snow and ice.

In addition to the basic model, which allows to load trucks with tailgate parties, taking into account the wishes of consumers, the plant has developed a version with an extended boom, which makes it possible to load the vehicle with snow through the cabin. This method allows not only to facilitate the work of the truck driver, but also enhance cleaning performance and safety.

In 2012, the plant has AMOUR snegopogruzchiki Cab "standard" high visibility and "comfort" features the skeleton base onto which the fiberglass panels.

Under this option, cockpit canopy installed additional lighting equipment. In the list of custom-built equipment includes power steering, cab insulation kit, Seat heating system, components and assemblies of high reliability (gear, etc.). Thanks to the drive to both axles snegopogruzchiki effective even on roads with a significant change in the profile of the road. Performance of the machine is 360 cubic meters. meters of snow per hour (155 t / h), which allows for a change of load to 300 dump trucks by transporting up to 1,500 tonnes of snow.

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