Tinning line roll foil LLRF

Tinning line roll folgiprednaznachenadlya tinning roll foil method "rewind the reel to reel."

Line tinning copper tape is a high-tech computerized complex, consisting of the following components and systems.

Current line feature is that the entire mechanism of the recoil tension direction pickup winding including vent covers — is movable in a vertical plane (in the subsequent lift), thereby allowing safe refueling winding entire system rewinding (wire), and only after complete setting elevator descends and guide rollers immersed in a bath with a flux in the tinning bath, a washing bath. If necessary, service or system bath lift, the lift is not in top operating position to maintain the required process conditions. The line is equipped with modern CNC system based on PLC and PC.

To remove traces of moisture after washing bath is used the original drainage system with a temperature of about 300 degrees.

The sensor provides a constant linear velocity to the linear velocity within + / — 1 mm / sec.

System for the tinning bath temperature provides a constant temperature + / — 2 degrees, which collectively allow for uniform coating thickness in the range 3 microns across tape length (wire).

The complex record rate of temperature, yardage, tension, etc., in the form of charts, graphs, text logs that can transmit Wi-Fi. Tinning speed adjustable from 0 to 15 m / min with a resolution of 0.01 Hz.

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