Today — the great day of judgment for Square

In Pervomaisky district court verdict will be announced Dmitry Bondarenko. In the guerrilla and the October district courts begin trials of 16 defendants in criminal cases on the events of December 19.

In partisan court held the trial of capital presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. Joining him will be judged activist of the "Tell the truth!" Oleg Hnedchyk, the Young Vladimir Eremenko, students Ilya Vasilevich and Fedor Mirzayanava who are not members of any political parties or movements.

In the October trial begins trial activist of the "Tell the truth!" Pavel Vinogradov, Ales Kirkevich to Young, a member of the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov, Dmitri Drozd, so-called "Earphone" Vladimir and Andrei Homichenko Protasenya that has not been to any party or movement.

Lawyers and human rights activists can not explain what criteria people were taken to this group. Opinion Vladimir

"We have it with fellow human rights activists discussed, and the logic in such drablenni, creating certain groups of people, which does not relate to each other. People who are in the company together with Sannikov, but are even in different parts of the article."

So, for example, Sannikov accused only in the organization of the shares, and other young people — in the active participation in the riots. And these people not from the headquarters of Sannikov.

Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak says:

It is likely that we will see a very high lack of professionalism. Perhaps the contrary, some ideas — as better conditions when there is no evidence, something to try to "draw"

"It is likely that we see a very high lack of professionalism. Perhaps, on the contrary, some ideas — like better in an environment where there is no evidence, something to try to" draw. "It's all clear. There is one big thing, and uproot the pieces of it. task is simply not worth it — to provide convincing evidence to a fair trial, which is really comprehend what happened. "

Relatives, relatives of the accused after the first court cases are very concerned. Mother activist of the "Tell the Truth" Oleg Hnedchyk Valentine says:

"I have been praying to God to know how far we are the light of the past … was not a believer, but now I read a prayer, but would not planted. I'm afraid that it, along with Sannikov tried, and I've already talked to a lawyer, even if his organization has "not sewn." And then Sannikov, when they worked at all on Neklyaeva? "

Only 11 people but Sannikov, is accused in the riots (Article 293 of the Criminal Code, Part 2, the term of imprisonment of up to 8 years). Pavel Vinogradov, in addition to disorder, even accused of insulting national symbols.

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