Took the cake, eggs — not should

Dmitry Bondarenko held the post on the eve of Passover. By Paul Seviarynets priest is still not allowed. Dashkevich is still on Volodarka. What can not be transferred prisoner Queen Nikita Lihavidu for Easter? Eduard Lobau sent the first letter of Ivatsevichy colony.

Coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko— A sincere Catholic and always kept before Easter post. Is it possible for him it is now, with the KGB prison "American women"? The prisoner's wife Olga knows exactly fasted husband these days, but some conclusions can be done:

"With him in the chamber were two Catholics. He asked me to give him porridge, wrote that he would try to hold the post. Although it is believed that the prisoners in such circumstances can not hold the post. This is also confirmed by the priests, but he is apparently trying to fast.

Although it is believed that the prisoners in such circumstances can not hold the post. This is also confirmed by the priests, but he is apparently trying to fast.

The more that three times the day before did not allow him to transfer sausage — so apparently fast. "

The health Dmitry Banadrenki, which worsened in jail joint disease, the wife of a prisoner said that he was never allowed to be screened in special doctors.

Mother BCD co-founder Paul Sevyarinets Tatiana recalled that her son two months will not let a priest for confession. Just before Easter, nothing has changed — in the KGB prison priest can not. Paul Seviarynets usually spavyadaetstsa Orthodox priest Peter and Paul Cathedral in Minsk.

Chairman of the "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich, also a sincere believer, meets at Easter "Volodarka." A month has passed since the young activist was sentenced to two years in prison for alleged hooliganism. What is known about how Dashkievich kept behind bars?

Anastasia Palazhanka"The guy does not give up and try a complaint affect the sentence he was given. Meets with a lawyer is preparing to appeal. "

Correspondence with Dashkevich, according to Anastasia Palazhanka, is at long intervals. Consideration of the appeal against the sentence Dmitry Dashkevich has not yet been appointed.

Together with Dashkevich was sentenced to 4 years in prison his collaborator Eduard Lobau. For two weeks as LOBOV is 22 th in the colony Ivatsevichy area. Mother activist Marina reported that recently received a letter from his son:

«Posted, he's all right. The conditions there are much better "Volodarka," although he is still in quarantine. "

On Marina Lobova, her son out of the colony will try to remotely come to study in college.

Mother of ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov Alla said, "Freedom", which is going to be present at the trial of her son, who will start on April 27, although in recent days does not feel the best way. "The theme of the business judgment and in the letters he consciously avoids to dahadili letters to me, because for me it is a very strong support", — says Alla Sannikov.

On Volodarka is an activist of the movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavid, who was sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment. "Nikita was brought in, the Orthodox family that adhere to religious traditions. We tried to help him keep these traditions and in prison, but not everything works out, "- said Elena Freedom mother prisoner.

"April 23 gave Nikita Easter transmission. The only thing we did not take to it — colored eggs. We begged, talked about the holiday, but — not allowed. He sent a letter in which he wrote that reads a lot, thanks for the textbooks, which he sent. The only problem is that the camera is noisy, it is difficult to read. Tried to give him byarushy — do not take, say, have yet to hear. It's not allowed. "



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