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The other day, Putin showed the new EP20 — is the first Russian locomotive, the brainchild of Don NEVZ plant, capable to drive passenger trains at speeds up to 200 km / h I want to use this information events and tell a little bit about this enterprise. I had been there just two days before. Today NEVZ — the largest employer of Rostov region, the plant employs more than 10,500 people, is the largest producer of passenger and freight electric locomotives in Europe. Although there were times when the plant is sold in the year to three cars, and everyone thought he would never recover.

History of the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ) begins with the days when Moscow plant "Dinamo" gave here a package of drawings and electric body number 185 — it was the first locomotive, which was released in the South of Russia, April 27, 1947. It was a huge breakthrough for the technical development of the country. The Soviet Union lay in ruins after the war, we have absolutely no specialists where there — almost the entire country was nourished on the cards! However, on the dilapidated site in a matter of years, managed to create a powerful electrical company ("dilapidated playground" — because the Germans, when retreating, mined the plant up and down, all the major buildings and units. Through local guerrillas blow up everything they could, was torn down but still a lot).

High-tech production required the relevant personnel. In 1946 there was opened Electrotechnical College, which under a different name, but in fact he still works. In the postwar years, the plant has grown to an "industry giants." In 1986, the 50th anniversary of the plant on the area in front of the factory installed the first electric locomotive released. And recently, the area in front NEVZ decided to "balance", one of Azerbaijan's found the train depot, which was released in April 1936. He was brought, was restored, and a year ago, and in honor of the 75th anniversary of the plant, it was installed in front of the first one. This locomotive was made for "narrow gauge", such shunting machine. 

The 1990s, the company was going through, perhaps, the worst times in its history. Sometimes during the year did NEVZ 3-4 cars. The Chinese, as told to me in the company, at one time bought just 3 or 4 electric locomotive, than, perhaps, saved the plant from meltdown. But at home they are in their original position, and dazzled his model. No more buying.

But times have changed. In the past year have been released already 430 sections of electric locomotives (they are one-two-three-section), it is planned to build 550.

While in Soviet times were produced at the same time a maximum of two models of electric locomotives, today is a little less than a dozen (all with the production lines of the plant produced more than 16,000 locomotives almost 70 types). Last year there was a new model, two-system locomotive EP20 (there are roads where only alternating or direct current. "Dual-system" means that the model is able to walk and so on, and these paths). EP20 will serve the 2014 Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup 2018. At its base will soon be made freight electric locomotive.

Electric — a very complex mechanisms. And the factory-art machine work as well as, for example, millers 1970s. Although the plant is actively modernized. This laser cutting:

This non-laser))) and not cutting, by the way.

Miller of traditional sexual orientation. Very funny guy:


Very strict here with personal protective equipment. As a result — no serious injuries at work over the past year. 

Today on NEVZ implementing programs to upgrade potentially dangerous industrial processes. For example, in the steel shop technology is being introduced, "Faxon". It would virtually eliminate toxic emissions and significantly reduce the amount of waste generated. It is planned to install and run the two dust-collecting units at the knock on the forming lattice site. Effektivnst clean air is, according to the company, from 95 to 98%. Despite the fast-growing automation of processes, some of the work (for example, the rotor assembly) is made by hand specialist. Each of them now have one or more young students. 

 The company employs and the girls.

The main buyer of electric NEVZ — "Russian Railways", although the clients have already and Russian private companies and even foreign partners. Among the latter, so far, though, only the Ukrainians (although NEVZ machines are operated today in the CIS countries, Poland and some other countries). As they say in the company in the near future the situation may change — in talks with foreign partners in progress. The same EP20 — a joint brainchild NEVZ and France. EP20 is the basis for the underlying platform locomotives on which to base the family of passenger and freight locomotives of various types. The concept of the base platform of the new generation of locomotives will bring the unification of parts and systems of the future passenger locomotives of the new series EP2 and EP3 to 85% and freight locomotives 2ES4, 2ES5 — up to 70-75%. High quality Russian technology has played a cruel joke with the plant — in Finland, for example, are still operating locomotives sold there by the USSR in the 1970s. Of course, they buy some parts, but overall they are satisfied with what remained. Work, who's going to give them up. About China, I already wrote. Well what can I say — we do not know how to do the technique that the pope was warm, but that she broke down a year after the expiration of the warranty period. Made to last. Seem to do so now.


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