Trap Novovoronezh NPP-2

Localization device melt (it is — a trap melt, it is the same — HRM) — a device filled with a special material, which is called sacrificial. HRM allows you to level in the event of a severe accident potential adverse effects of the molten fuel and does not give him the opportunity to go beyond the body "traps" and get into the environment. This kind of trap — the ultimate guarantee plant safety to the environment when all of the many safety systems suddenly will not work. Trapped melt developed by Russian designers and constructors in 2004. The installation of the "trap", our specialists have already tested on the most modern in the world Tianwan NPP in China and the construction of the Leningrad NPP-2.
The main elements of the "trap" — the bottom plate, block-filled cartridge, farm-based console, floor care and housing "traps" (its diameter — 6,5 m, height — 5.69 m) arrived in Semiluky on water. According to experts, the transportation by river boat can save money, time, and most importantly — increases the level of security of transportation of bulky cargo. For your information, the total weight of the "trap" — about 800 tons! To be removed from the ship "trapped melt" for the unit number 2, used a powerful crane of 400 tons, in fact most of the "easy" part arrived cargo weighs more than 12 tons, and the weight of the body HRM is 110.5 tons. From the pier in Novovoronezh site facilities to all components delivered with four trucks.

Now the second power reactor vault has already been prepared for installation HRM, and in December plans to start assembling operations. "The Trap" will be the first major equipment long manufacturing cycle, which will be installed in the reactor compartment unit number 2. Installation will begin with the installation of a regular place on the housing melt localization device.

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