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December 20, 2011 5:25

Disappeared in XX century Italian suddenly moved forward five centuries

Although many scholars have categorically denied the possibility of time travel, they do occur, and to implement them often do not even need a time machine. People just suddenly find themselves in a strange time, and then just as suddenly return.

LIVING "Ghost" Palace of Versailles

August 10, 1901 two elderly English teacher Charlotte Moberly and Eleanor Jordan, spent a week in Paris, we decided to visit Versailles. By 4 o'clock in the afternoon, they visited the Grand Palace of Versailles and decided to step to enjoy and look at Petit Trianon, a small palace, which is very fond of Queen Marie-Antoinette.

Ladies figured out which side of the park is this building, and headed in that direction, hoping that clarify the location of the palace he encountered on the road will help visitors to Versailles. However, this part of the park was completely deserted for some reason, a little scared strange silence, which violates no birds, no crickets chirping. Finally meet them caught two strangely dressed men in green uniforms and cocked hats. Teacher addressed them in French and asked how to get to the small Trianon. They stared at clothing Englishwomen and gestured to them right direction.

This meeting surprised and teachers, they had a strange feeling of unreality of it all. Then they saw a small cottage, which came out of the doors of a woman with a jug of milk and gave it to the little girl.

Then they came upon a gazebo, sitting on the steps of her sinister-looking man with a pock-marked face. He was wearing a cloak, and his head was decorated with a hat. He looked at the women, but did not say anything to them, and they hurried to quickly pass by.

There has got to meet them, the other man in a raincoat and hat, he is clearly somewhere in a hurry, almost running, shouting something to them in French, the man sped past. Englishwoman passed a small wooden bridge, near which was a small waterfall. Finally, a traveler saw ahead Petit Trianon. On the steps of the palace, with the album in the hands of a beautiful woman sitting with a pony in a rich antique dress, she did some sketches.

Teacher went to the terrace of the palace and began to look for the entrance. Then out of the lodge next to the palace came a young man, he bowed to the ladies kindly volunteered to accompany them, but just a couple of seconds, he suddenly disappeared, as if dissolved in air. Immediately saw an English wedding procession, to their relief, it accounted for the normal people in modern dress. And all around, as it were changed, heard some noises, chirping of birds, the world seemed to come back to the previous frame.

Then they had a long discussion its unusual adventure in Versailles, a teacher does not even rule out the option that they had seen during his ghosts. Three months later, Moberly and Jordan (each separately) even described all that they had seen at Versailles on that memorable day of August 10. They have not once come to Versailles, but nothing like that happened to them on that memorable day, is no longer felt. There was no bridge, no falls, no gazebo, where they met a man with traces of smallpox on his face.

When historians interested in this case, they found a plan of the park of Versailles and the end of the XVIII century with astonishment found that British women have seen a variety of structures that actually existed at the time, but the beginning of XX century, or completely disappeared or survived only in fragments.

After that historians more closely analyzed the memories of English teachers, and the most daring of them came to a sensational conclusion — somehow these old ladies have managed to be in the past. That beautiful woman who drew something on the steps of the palace, she was Marie Antoinette, and a man with a face disfigured by smallpox was her confidant — Comte de Vaudreuil (he actually had the disease disfigured face). We even managed to assume a specific day in which there were an English, "dip" in the past — October 5, 1789. That same day, from Paris to Versailles moved armed mob, and the breathless man, whom he met a teacher, had fled to the palace to report the impending danger.

TRACES a time traveler?

So, despite the fact that many scientists reject the possibility of time travel, two elderly English woman somehow made it. They obviously do not see hronomirazh, their presence in the past reacted people of the time in which they found themselves. Curiously, at this point had already accumulated a lot of facts that suggest the reality of time travel. For example, several researchers have concrete evidence of time travel considers the so-called anomalous fossil sites. Similar findings had already accumulated a lot — then age rocks in the hundreds of millions of years will find a hammer or a screw, it will find the coal gold chain or a nail.

Of course, these findings can be interpreted in different ways, some researchers, for example, consider them evidence of the existence in ancient times, the lost civilization of the disaster, while others associate them with visits to our planet of aliens. However, there are findings which such explanations are unlikely to come up.

Hard to believe that aliens could leave Chinese burial age of 400 years, women's watches Swiss watch … How did they get there? Suggests only one conclusion — this is a watch a traveler in time. If she gave them, or watch it away is back in his time, or died 400 years ago — it's minor issues, most importantly, that it was somehow not in my time.

Also difficult to explain how the remains of the Musketeers, who died in the Seven Years War of 1756-1763 years and the lessons of the land in 2000, archaeologists found fragments of a mobile phone, released in 1998. There is, however, one hypothesis of spontaneous teleportation of objects, and if she believed, by some still unacknowledged by our process objects may disappear from one place and delivered in a very different. In my view, such a hypothesis is even more incredible than the assumption of time travel, most likely, it came up with some "Masha rasteryasha" who forget where they left this or that thing, and then are surprised to find her in a completely improper place.

Recently, the media have repeatedly demonstrated, and other very clear evidence of time travel, the researchers found abnormal phenomenon. First, it is a photograph entitled "Discovery Bridge South Fork after floods in November 1940." Her right in the crowd of onlookers frumpish stands out tall man in fashionable sunglasses, which holds a modern compact camera. He stands out from the crowd, not only sunglasses and a camera, but her clothes are much more appropriate for the end of XX — beginning of XXI century. Investigation of this image shows that it is true and it is not on the montage. Of course, this picture immediately dubbed documentary evidence of time travel, allegedly pictured photojournalist 40s managed to capture most of this chance visitor from the future.

Apparently, after this has become a very popular image many have become more closely scrutinize the old photographs and newsreels. Soon, in the newsreels, the premiere of Charlie Chaplin film "The Circus", managed to find a woman who walks down the street, holding his hand to the ear, and actively communicate with someone. Lady next to no one, so I assumed that the woman speaks on a mobile phone. Of course, in 1928, when he went out in theaters "Circus", and cell phones did not exist, so the woman once dubbed a traveler in time.

What to say about this documentary evidence? On the Internet, a picture of the discussions on the opening of the bridge, I found a rather convincing arguments, the essence of which is that there is nothing supernatural in this photo is not — and this type of glasses and sweater with the logo and the camera like at the time already had. Just a crowd wormed quite fashionable and advanced at the time guy. In our time too, got "instances" that are against the general masses may seem, and aliens from the future, if at all — aliens … As for the lady with a mobile phone, it is, of course, at first glance, is very impressive, but then you start to think the technical side of the issue. Who could she talk? On the other traveler in time? And how, if at that time completely lacking infrastructure to transmit the signal?


It seems that time travel is often made without any technical aids, people simply "fail" in the past or the future quite unexpectedly. A similar case occurred in 1992 with the Italian Bruno Leoni, who disappeared right in front of his wife during their walks together. Confused woman immediately called the police, but she was considered abnormal and was advised to observe a psychiatrist. Fortunately, two days Bruno returned, he looked very tired and confused. And no wonder, since extinct in XX century Italian suddenly moved forward by five centuries …

Felt it in the future is not very comfortable being in the role of similarly dressed wonders distant descendants. When he was able to explain that he was born in Italy, this fact has caused them a great surprise, because, according to them, that country ceased to exist back in the XXI century. City of the Future Bruno seemed uncomfortable and hostile, it was not any old his usual construction, did not grow a single tree or bush.

The food in the future are diverse, it replaced a colorless meduzopodobnoe jelly, it was tasteless, but very quickly satisfy hunger. After Leone treated this "unparalleled" dinner descendants decided to show him the most secure places, where he was able to survive the coming cataclysm in the XXI century. Alas, in this moment Bruno suddenly shifted in time. According to him, from reliable "islands of security" he managed to show only Mongolia.

Ten years after the incident with the Italian in South Africa in one of the cafes came very unusual old woman. She was completely bald, and her face was disfigured by scars and sores. On the strange visitor was translucent jumpsuit from plastikopodobnogo material. The old woman, smacking pleasure, ate some ice cream cups and emptied a couple of bottles of Coke. Then she quietly got up and headed out. The waiter ran down her and the old woman blocked the road and demanded to pay for it.

This legal requirement has caused a real visitor rage, she started screaming that would complain to the International Committee, which gave her how to survive a nuclear war, the right to free food in any place of the planet. The same old angry and caused repeated waiter policeman. Guardian of the law demanded her documents, she thrust under his nose the plastic card with its holographic photograph on it was the date of birth — 2198 … Amazed police decided to take the old woman to the police station, but when he brought her to the car, she suddenly disappeared.

But the 10-year time-traveler, found himself in 1987 in Hong Kong, was able to talk much longer. At first no one could understand, then it turned out that the boy said to the ancient Chinese language. Caused the professor able to communicate in this language is forgotten. He found out that the strange child is the son of the Emperor of China dignitary IX century … Scientist was delighted with the details of the life and customs of the Imperial Palace, which he found out he had hoped for more, but the other person suddenly disappeared.

Soon, in one of the monasteries found manuscript IX century, where there was a continuation of the story. The manuscript was described a case with the son of a noble lord who went into the cave and disappeared. He returned a year later and was talking about all sorts of miracles — the flying iron birds, houses on the clouds of his mission "in a long snake."

The Palace of Versailles

Similar stories of sudden time travel had already accumulated at least two dozen, many of them documented. How does such a move, what is the physical mechanism? These are the questions yet to be answered scientist.

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