Tribe, avoid contact with the outside world

February 6, 2012 15:02

Organization Survival International released photos Mashko Piro tribe, living near the national park "Manu" in the south-eastern Peru.

This nation has no or almost no peaceful contact with the outside world. However, oil and gas projects and illegal logging makes the tribe to seek new lands.

They want only one thing — to be left alone. They shoot bows in tourists sailing on them to take a look, and recently released a warning arrow (without tip) to a park ranger.

There was at least one murder: shot Nicholas "Shako" Flores, a representative of another tribe, who for two decades tried to establish official contact with Mashko Piro.

Why the Spanish archaeologist Diego Cortijo did your pictures with a respectful 120-meter distance. This is the most detailed photo report on the history of the tribe, which has no contact with the outside world.

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