Trireme of the fifth century BC, was found in the Black Sea

December 29, 2012 5:01

Trireme of the fifth century BC, was found in the Black Sea
Ancient trireme V century BC. e. was found at the bottom of the Black Sea. According to archeologists, is the most ancient of all found in this region ships. Who belonged to an ancient ship, the experts were able to establish due to the large number of amphorae preserved on board.

The age of the ship was identified by the ceramics of ancient amphorae, which were kept on board the ship in large numbers, which refer to the type of Chios the fifth century BC, as the head of the fifth deep underwater archaeological expedition "Coast of the Gods" Sergei Voronov.

Each year the Ukrainian archaeologists found dozens of old ships, but most of them have already been looted.

Location found triremes were not disclosed, but we know it is in the coastal area of the northern Black Sea coast.

According to the center on the bottom of the Black Sea and Azov Sea was discovered more than 2,500 wrecks and 24 underwater city. All of these sites have a high value in the scientific sense, but also attracted representatives of the "black market."

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