Trunk Power Grids of Siberia joined the fleet of new special equipment

Technique is intended for operational maintenance and emergency repair work on power lines that deliver electricity to consumers Kemerovo region with a population of about 3 million people.

On the Kuzbass backbone electric grids Siberia received two crawler tractors, four of drilling machine and a crane on the basis of KAMAZ. The purchase of new cars will improve the quality and productivity of the work conducted at the power of Kuzbass. The resulting technology will be used in backbone networks, as well as made available, if necessary, to work in the distribution networks of the Kemerovo region.

Crane-boring machines are designed for the repair and maintenance of transmission lines, including drilling holes for the construction of pile foundations and the installation of power transmission poles. The crane on the basis of KAMAZ vehicles used for loading and unloading, equipment installation and transportation of cargo. Multipurpose crawler tractors are used to perform work on the towing, transportation of goods, transport of people and equipment in remote areas. All buses will be transferred to Tashtagol and the Mariinsky linear portions of the Kuzbass PMES to maintain power facilities in areas where forest dominated by mountainous terrain. Modern technical equipment allows workers to power grid facilities ensure uninterrupted power supply in the region and to respond quickly to emergencies. To date, the company Kuzbass MES Siberia involved 155 units of special purpose vehicles.

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