Tu-22M3M — second adolescence famous bomber

Plane Tu-22M (NATO on ordering: Backfire) — supersonic far bomber-bomber with variable geometry wings. Own the first flight of the prototype Tu-22M3 completed June 20, 1977. After the end of applets on the flight development tests machines Tu-22M3 in 1978 was put into mass creation. With all of this, from 1981 to 1984 held a series of missile tests in additional variant with enhanced fighting abilities machine, namely, on the plane simulated an introduction of the Kh-15. The final version bomber-bomber Tu-22M3 was adopted by the Soviet Air Force in March 1989. In all the years of production at the Kazan Aviation Production Association has collected 268 Tu-22M3 bombers.

In February 2012 there was an official information that the Defense Ministry has signed a contract to modernize about 30 Tu-22M3 bombers to version Tu-22M3M. In this embodiment, the bomber has to get a completely new avionics and the possibility of the introduction of modern precision weapons class "air-surface", for example, the new cruise missiles X-32. Total in Russia now from 115 Tu-22M3 absolutely combat-ready are the order of 40 machines. Modernization of 30 bombers planned until 2020. For 2012 year was converted 1 plane part of the type which passes the currently set of tests.

In 2012, the Center of combat deployment and re-training of flight personnel Distant Russian aircraft stationed in the town of Ryazan, classes began in training young pilots — the graduates of 2011. In these courses they can learn not only the theoretical issues and the ability to work in practice piloting the simulators and also to make true flights bombers Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3M. Here in the Ryazan AVIATSENTR aircrew involved in training and pilot operation of the new modernized bomber Tu-22M3M. This machine is different from the Tu-22M3 extended nomenclature of the means of defeating the enemy. The airplane used modern equipment, built on the latest electronic components, once this has improved cockpit ergonomics.

At the current time, the price of aircraft and aircraft weapons like an avalanche grows rapidly, leading military aircraft virtually at a standstill. For example, in 2010 prices, one fighter of the 5th generation F-22 costing U.S. budget in 412.7 million dollars, "mass" model — F-35 just something worth 115.7 million dollars, and the cost of " obscenely cheap "Eurofighter fighter was only about 85 million euros. Against this background, the "classical» F-18E, which is costing the customer in 50 million bucks, it seems quite "budget" solution. Price Russian promising developments has not been disclosed, but it is unlikely she will at times differ from the costs of our possible "friends."

Grow at a faster rate and the price of air attack, especially high-precision instrument. So in the current time in the West focuses on the use of guided weapons. But now at the moment module JDAM, which is able to reincarnate everyday bomb in a high-precision, even in the self-assembly costs a cheap western taxpayers about 30,000 dollars, while the price of a specially-designed controlled and responsive ammunition seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, in all the great conflicts of recent years ("Operation Desert Storm" bombing of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, much less Afghanistan) starting from a certain moment there is a lack of precision weapons, which was justified by the inability to compensate for the costs of high-precision time SD and KAB.

The solution was found in lowering the prices of aviation equipment, and aircraft systems, together with the revision of the concept of the use of air armament. Huge brain to come to this conclusion is not required, the mind is necessary in order to give effect to this approach, because this task in today's realities is almost mind-boggling. But in Russia is already developing in this direction. An example can be considered as the Su-24M2, kitted SVP-24 avionics and upgraded by JSC "Hephaestus and T".

In 2012, the range of airborne and ground equipment SVP-24-22 to be erected in four distant supersonic missile-bomber Tu-22M3. This was stated by Director General of "Hephaestus and T" Alexander Panin, in an interview to ITAR-TASS. This company is the creator of the modification of the complex SVP-24 which already quite successfully operated on the modernization of Russian Sukhoi Su-24.

With all of this emphasizes that the installation of SVP-24-22 provides separate applets and will be implemented regardless of the plans for the modernization of the deepest, which are subject to 30 missile carriers Tu-22M3. The new complex SVP-24-22 allows you to more effectively perform combat tasks and navigation also achieve improved accuracy hell aircraft systems failure. In addition, the complex provides a clear set of military aircraft to land in bad weather and with no land kursoglissadnyh systems. System SVP-24 avionics for all that is versatile and can be installed on many types of aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Air Force, including the bombers Tu-22M3 and Su-24M or attack helicopters Ka-52. Another advantage is its undisputed fact that this system allows to reduce ground time of preparation and control of the aircraft at 4-5. Tu-22M3, one flight hour which asks 51-man hours of engineering support, it's pretty basic.

According disk imaging of the newspaper "Izvestia" of the Tu-22M3 able to make the real killer European missile defense system, turning an aging strategic missile carrier in precision instruments. For this plane will equip the newest electronics, are also likely, the latest cruise missile Kh-32. Brand new machine will get to name another bukovku M and will be called the Tu-22M3, with all this, experts at the 1st of the companies involved in the modernization, highlighted that the Tu-22 and Tu-22M, as well as the Tu-22M3 and Tu -22M3M will be quite different machines, first in their abilities. According to the Air Force, in order to prepare pilots to the management of the new aircraft will need 2-3 months of training in the Ryazan Distant aviation training center.

With all this retraining process is standardized, the pilots will want to examine electrical appliances, master the latest navigation and management tool, monitoring the situation around the aircraft. Since then, the whole concept information will be displayed on the LCD monitor power, and the pilot can only elect mode, aim and execute the launch of missiles, almost as in computer games.

Sivkov Constantine, who is a physician of Military Sciences and the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, pointed out that the modernization implies a complete substitute for navigation, weapons control and communications, and will cost from 30% to 50% of the price of the aircraft. With all of this upgrade to version 30 aircraft Tu-22M3M do better fighting ability Park Tu-22M3 20%. According to him, the modernization of only 30 aircraft will be quite in order to bring down one South American aircraft carrier sunk with all this, a number of escort ships. While upgrading the entire fleet of bombers Tu-22M3 is permitted to raise their efficiency by 100-120% for offshore facilities and 2-3 times the action on land targets.

Sawicki presented that the brand new cruise rocket X-32 will search for purpose "under the wing" of the bombers, like its predecessor, the X-22. After starting the rocket your engine will be able to achieve the goal, the remote for a few hundred miles and hit it with all this, to find such a missile a
nd hit very hard.

In turn, Alexander Konovalov, president of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis said that the destruction of ground objects on today one of the more feeble seats Russian army. Because in modern Russian tactical missiles and a small radius act fairly poor accuracy. In Georgia, the Tu-22M3 bomber was lost specifically for this reason, the aircraft had to enter into a zone of organized enemy air defenses, in order to carry out the attack target. And out of this area after the attack is already very difficult, Konovalov said.

According to Konovalov, in order to cruise missile able to hit the ground at a distance of several hundred kilometers, it is bound to have its position and clear of flying, constantly updating its position in space via satellite or a hit with someone constantly has to highlight and the rocket will produce a flight from the reflected signal. In all this there is a third method — the correlation system in which a memory missiles will be loaded detailed map of the route with the image of a goal that must be killed, and the missile in flight will take off the terrain over which flies, comparing the acquired data with a map of the route . Specifically, such a system can get in the face of Russian Air Force Tu-22M3M and cruise missiles X-32.

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