TU-334 against the Pole of Inaccessibility

To the Editor and the address of the Fund "National Tu-334-100" began to come fully certain proposals for participation in the revival of Russian aviation. There are suspicious comrades (they are a minority, but still …), suggesting that the purpose of the Fund — to bamboozle people and the government. How unfortunate it did not sound, the new RF history is replete with leaders who have used the highest concept of "popular" for personal enrichment and deceive people. Because it's time to lay out the facts about the Fund "National Tu-334-100".

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the "People's Tu-334-100", chief of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 1994-2000., Colonel-General Anatoly Sitnov on the day or keywords said: "We started a job that not many people like it too far."

We must become more

Yes, the hidden resistance is felt. Little by little, there are weird issues with the actual creation of the Tu-334-100. In the United Aircraft Company is the ruler — M. Pogosyan, not enough of the active professionals who design offices, management companies dare to object to his sovereign will.

Minister D. MANTUROV reports at the head of the country avoids unsafe theme of "the best in the world," regional jet "Sukhoi Superjet 100" — the problem of supply Russian airlines technique is upright. 13 conditional civilian vehicles in 2011 — not very much. Single copies liners only inflame passion in zabugornyh manufacturers — "These armless Russian private aviation industry almost fucked. Will not disappear, the airplanes come to us. " It is better to show and tell about the great Putin upgraded heavy freighter IL-76. The car and the truth came out good, tested over many years in business, and in the updated configuration acquires new properties. Congratulations on the success of head designer products "476" Nikolai Dmitrievich Talikov's books, he spends the day and spend the night at an aircraft factory in Ulyanovsk.

The most reasonable and state decision on TU? 334 £ 100 — return it to the program from the development of aviation, to provide financing and leasing companies with as soon as possible to bring to the consumer. But do not go out — the mountain of government regulations on the 334-ke is, and the plane is at the wall without moving. It turns out that the first face of the country are making decisions and implementing them properly, so torpedo.

But in order and created a foundation to society and the authorities knew that the light is large enough only for the head of the KLA Project. And the more we have, the more serious the country's citizens will be able to influence policy officials and businessmen, have stuck to thrifty threads aviation industry. Not canceled and the principle of "Vote ruble." The founders "People Tu? 334? 100" have repeatedly and saying: "We are under no circumstances are not going to repeat the work accident MMM and other roguish organizations."

None of the members of the Fund does not set itself a puzzle cut the dough and slip away to a villa in Miami. Faster opposite — investing. Thrifty threads, even moderate streams, is not observed. Yes, there is a desire to get government guarantees — completely reasonable for the investor. The most serious danger — most of the aircraft factories, including the Kazan Aviation Industrial Association. SP Gorbunov, where he assumed all government regulations to build a ship, comes in the KLA. The ratio of UAC President Mikhail Pogosyan to Tupolev machines all clear — in Russia there is nothing except the Superjet. Invest a lot of money, and later be thrown out on the street? That's where the state guarantees not hurt either.

Line up the plane — it means to spend millions on a production company. It's an expensive equipment, suppliers, vendors units. Because the Fund will stand on the Mount Protection civilized rules of the game.

The important fact of the role of the Fund as many people with active RF current position. Moderate ruble and retired businessman million fee in the amount of give two votes "for" the revival of production of Russian aircraft factories of the country. And for motivated the introduction of funds certainly will look after "Case of the week." Work on the Web site, where at least some will be able to figure out how much we have become, that is made and what remains to be done. And most importantly — what are the means of the Fund.

Tu-334 would link regions

Who at the moment utter that we are all citizens united and undivided power? The vast majority of displaced sits in the same place for years and overlooks the life of the country means of watching television. A transport blockade leads to disunity.

In Russia, since 1991, four times the decline in the number of airports in the main due to the regional aviation. All fly via Moscow. Broken air service between adjacent regions.

What to do with air travel? Itself — to develop. Responsible to the men of the Ministry of Transport should not be too lazy to get out of the table and the schedule of flights Russian monopolist "Aeroflot". Scheduled flew everything from An-2 to the north between Pomor fishing enterprises to long-range IL-62 Moscow — Vladivostok. And between those 2 extremes of a dense network of flights and routes to countries covered Tu? 134, Yak-42, Yak-40, An-24 and other medium-and short-haul regional machine. Himself as a schoolboy was flying a Yak-40 from the Sochi airport "Adler" in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan). Direct flight, but with a crotch plantings. Later, in the 80s, more than once took the opportunity to quickly and cheaply fly from a regional capital in the district center, at 200 km.

The current practice of purchasing cars, burdened with loans, lease payments, doroguschy spare parts and after sales service, this "vicious" the practice of free movement within the country destroyed. Foundation "People Tu? 334-100" is intended to remove this discrimination on a geographic basis. The country needs the Russian regional aircraft. And since that time. But the government has put on the aviation industry of random people, officials, capable of only "add and divide." Their business model is the logic of everyday adekvatnomyslyaschego person does not fit. Beloved, the word "cluster", "competence", "innovation". Meanwhile, without the usual rhythmic release Russian civilian aircraft creation degraded, human resources, which a few years back reads "We have a surplus of workers, no problems with it," go away. And now do not have enough hands to a rather short time to ensure even the government order. Tu? 334 — people at least since its release will support hireyuschee create, maintain, and will allow to come into the world economy sverhtehnologichny branch tyscham and, later, the millions of young professionals.

PS Fund Management sent a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister Dm. Rogozin with a proposal to make the creation of the Tu-334-100 in the State Program "Development of the aviation industry" for the years 2013-2025. The answer is entrusted to prepare Ministry of Industry. Officials have appeared beautiful opportunity to show who they are — patriots or enemies of the Russian Federation of the country. Their response, we will certainly publish it.

Supervisory Council

1. Theophane Y. Bondarenko, president of the Fund, the chairman of the
Board of JSC "Union."
2. Likhachev Boris, executive director of the Foundation, president of "Airline" Rusava FALCON-M ".
3. Sitnov Anatoly Petrovich, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Vladimir Klimov — Motor Sich", Academician.
4. Novozhylov Henry V., aircraft designer, academician, twice Hero of Socialist Labor.
5. Dejnekin Peter S. Army General, Doctor of Military Sciences, Doctor, Hero of Russian Federation.
6. Deaf Victor K., special in the field of turbine, the organizer of the industry.
7. Uglanov Andrei Ivanovich, editor in chief of the newspaper "Arguments Nedeli".
8. Makhanov Sabit Rathanovich, CEO of a / the "Airline" Ratkan Air ".
9. G. Vladimir Dmitriev, Chief Scientific Officer of TsAGI, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
10. Alexey Ignatov, honored builder of.
11. Viktor Livanov, General Director of JSC "Ilyushin Aviation Complex. SV Ilyushin. "
12. Lousianin Vladimir Ilyich, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Nizhny Novgorod "Gidromash" Hero of Socialist Labour, the Honourable aircraft builder.
13. Shishkin, George K., honored pilot of the USSR, the test pilot.
14. Bobrishev Alexander, president of JSC "Tupolev".
15. Boguslaev Vyacheslav Alexandrovich, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Motor Sich".
16. Igor Petrovich Volk, pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Union.
17. Gorlov Victor, Honored Worker of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Legal entities — participants of the Fund

1. CJSC "Soyuz".
2. CJSC "Engines" Vladimir Klimov — Motor Sich ".
3. CJSC "CBP-Media Projects" ("The arguments Nedeli").
4. Ltd. "Airline" Southern Airlines ".
5. Ltd. "Airline" Rusava FALCON-M ".
6. "Airline" Ratkan Air ".

Agreed to a proposal to invite members of the Fund following companies: JSC "NPP" Aerosil ", JSC" Science ", OAO" Heat "Air Company" Ruby ", JSC" Aggregate ", JSC" Plant airport equipment. "

Foundation "National Tu-334-100"

Our homeland, Moscow, 123242, st. Zoological, 24, p.1. Tel.: +7 (499) 254-24-19, Fax: +7 (499) 766-20-11
E-mail: tu334@bk.ru
Details of the Fund for the aviation industry wishing to assist their donations:
INN 7703479943 KPP 770301001;
R / C 40703810520120000244 Bank "TCB" (CJSC), Moscow. BIC 044525388 K / account 30101810800000000388 in the Operations Department of the Bank of the Russian Federation Moscow State Technical University.

After past publications "AN" in the address of the Fund come hundreds of letters

As for almost 7 years, I write out "Case of the week." Everything that you write about our aviation industry, tearing the soul, becomes painful at heart of powerlessness that for decades and corrupt ministers bandyugany systematically destroying our aviation industry. (…) It is striking that all of your articles prosecutors had not responded by verbovaniyu thieves in the ministries. I wish to be a member of the Fund "National Tu-334-100". Than directly to the Fund can help and where you can transfer funds to the promotion of our aircraft? I am a senior citizen, I have a production seniority 53 calendar years zavodchanin since 1959, has passed all stages of the worker to control the production, because I experience while reading your article and Andrew Uglanova and publications.

Respectfully, Gennady G. Matyas

Fully support the creation of the Fund and of all measures in support of our aircraft. Success for you. But in what may be the cooperation with the Foundation for Personal Rights, a former pilot, ailing soul for the Russian aviation?

Oleg Kolesnikov

Than you can assist the doctor of technical sciences?

Respectfully, Igor A. Boatmen, chief special UGTFGUP "SPC Gas Turbine" Salute "

I, the last military pilot, the last few years, watched as bespredelschik in aircraft insolently our ramshackle Russian aircraft, particularly the civilian. (…) Far and medium-made "Boeing", short-haul and AON is half foreign. Although we have on the entire line of aircraft has its own, ready for serial production. I do not understand — the governors removed for day or three, and unsinkable Pogosyan and MANTUROV quiet "sawing" municipal billion at the sight of Putin. Perhaps there are legal loopholes to tear them from goskormushki. And another question. Why do we have the Ministry of Sports, but there is no Ministry of Aviation Industry? As Putin plans 25 million jobs created, at the expense of the players?

Respectfully, Belyaev Viacheslav Ivanovich

With much intrigued looked for items in the "AN" of the dilemma of "TU". The idea with the creation of the Foundation was in the air. I would like to understand what benefit could bring my role. I would like to take part in the work of the Foundation.

Respectfully, Andrew Arakelov

I hope that the plane will be reborn and still go to the series. Ready to cooperate.

Test pilot CAPO AR Ryabov

Hot to support the initiative to save the project of the Tu-334. Expect help from the government fused between a "crimson jackets" and "gangster raspberry", as their successors — young geeks in shorts — it makes no sense, not posodeystvuyut. They not only fail to appreciate the relevance of the aircraft, the significance of the fact that the aircraft did our own home, but they do not care even the fate of Russia itself. More important than imposed from the ocean dies for them nothing. Aviation Plant for them — less than a regular store. Ready to assist any way I can.

Kikta Alexander, Kiev

Read. Support. Only in times of complete and utter disbelief still need to find ways of how this faith to conquer. I propose to issue a loan, as under Stalin did. Check out his fine and perfectly. To attract people, people who still believe.

Igor Tremaylov

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