Tula hand grenade magazine GM-94

Hand grenades are used as a tool in police operations, peacekeeping and combat operations, the effect of this type of instrument will take when it is applied in limited areas, such as buildings, houses, cramped streets in the decommissioning of manpower. If you own a moderate weight and overall performance grenade launchers — just a massive weapon, striking the effect of which is comparable with artillery combat abilities.

Hand grenades are different from other small guns unsafe area of implementation, in other words, thanks to the high power, the introduction of ultra-small distances is not safe for the rocket launcher. Apart from this, hand launcher allows to radically change the course of a local battle, and give-away is a factor in its use.

From this we can conclude that for the successful implementation of hand grenades at police actions, while countering terrorism, combat operations in urban criteria they must meet the requirements, such as:
— most non-threatening introduction to decrease the range guns;
— reduction unmasking effect (smoke, sound, flash);
— the possibility of implementation of this tool in a limited and confined spaces;
— the highest mobility of the grenade launcher (light weight, comfortable size);
— very probable rate;
— Improved performance hit (accuracy and precision).

Specifically, under these requirements and was designed in the 90's of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau grenade launcher GM-94. Grenade system has a caliber of 43 mm.

Appointment of GM-94:
Hand set granatometaniya GM-94 is used for:
— ensure termination of the impact of enemy fire in open areas and in the inner rooms;
— incapacitate more of the enemy in urban criteria, limited places, the mountains;
— temporary incapacitation of enemy units using special ammunition (blinding, smoke Zahav, fire);
— loss of auto technology and engineering with light armor.

Manual grenade at Tula designers went with the lowest unmasking effect — soft sound of shooting a grenade, a complete absence of fire outbreaks shot. GM-94 absolutely not dangerous for the rocket launcher to fire at open areas, in enclosed or confined spaces, different vehicles.

Grenade made on a shotgun caliber 12mm "Lynx". Shotgun "Lynx" is also the development of the Tula its designers. Entered into production in 1995 and has established itself well in the market.

Recharging is done by a grenade physical effort moving the forearm to the barrel forward. This assembly is not permitted to use the sliding bolt, which ultimately reduced the weight and size of the property. With the lugs side of the mirror and the receiver is locking the trunk. The barrel is placed over the tubular magazine, which increases the stability of the entire grenade during a shot.

Equipment shop is on top of a grenade launcher, it's easy to create dosnaryazhenie GM-94 ammunition. Empty cartridges from grenades are given down, which is very important when conducting fire in enclosed spaces.

The trigger mechanism is self-cocking, allowing hand-held grenade launcher, is in constant readiness for use.
Launcher out in the usual appeal, reliable in operation, are eligible for lefties and righties.
Time to bring the GM-94 in combat readiness of less than 2 seconds.

For firing a grenade launcher grenades used caliber 43 mm VGM-93, divided into:
— irritating, so called "smokers" type;
— shock-shock effect;
— thermobaric effect.

The ability to implement these types of pomegranate make effective multi-purpose grenade weapon.

Used grenades:
— thermobaric grenade impact VGM 93.100 designed to engage the enemy in a radius of 3 meters from the grenade explosion, destruction of armored vehicles with armor to 8 mm, fine wood and brick demolish defenses due to the effect of excess pressure. Shatterproof acts harmless distance for the introduction of 5 meters;
— grenades irritating VGM VGM 93.200 and 93.300 make intolerable conditions for the enemy, forcing him to leave the protective feverishly building. The impact area to 100 square meters in open areas and up to 300 cubic meters in enclosed spaces;
— shock stun grenades impact VGM VGM 93.400 and 93.600 neutralize the enemy with the least cause harm to health;
— Grenade training VGM VGM 93.700 and 93.700 set up to study the use of a grenade launcher in all criteria.

The main characteristics of the GM-94:
— used VGM 93 shots;
— length 81 cm in the unfolded state;
— Closed length: 54 cm;
— weight 4.8 kg;
— sighting firing 300 meters;
— maximum range of 600 meters introduction;
— non-hazardous application 5 meters from the goal;
— average speed of the shot 100 meters / sec.

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In 2007, the hand-grenade entered the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and in 2008, the Federal Security Service also began implementation of a manual grenade in their own divisions.

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