Turkey closed the border to civilian officials in Iraq

Turkish authorities closed the border for the civil parties to the Iraq States in the interests of counter-terrorism.

This decision was made provincial governorship Hakkari, where at the end of last week, Kurdish rebels killed eight members of the security forces, reports TV "Haberturk."

Province Hakkari borders Iraq, and this area is one of the main ways to pass extremists Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Turkey, the ITAR-TASS news agency.

Governorate has announced a seven temporary military "security zones." Prior to October 6 in these areas will be denied passage or passage civilian persons without the permission of the General Staff.

Violators will be sanctioned, proper martial law.

Military operations in Hakkari lasts for more than 2-weeks. By the time the true counter-terrorism activities in the province together about five thousand members of the security forces, including special forces troops and military aviation.

The fight against the PKK militants is complicated by the guerrilla strategy of the extremists and relief. On the territory of the province in the mountainous areas of the militants there are plenty of shelters and caves. Army detection exposes them to rocket and bomb fire.

The military is also trying to cut off all escape routes of militants in northern Iraq, where Ankara range of possibilities for dealing with terrorists is very small.

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