Turkey has canceled a tender for the purchase of air defense systems

Turkey refused to tender for the purchase of 12 anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs) at the cost of four billion dollars. As reported by Jane's quoted sources in defense circles, control of the country decided to create a SAM with the assistance zabugornogo partner.

According to sources, disk imaging Jane'S, on the decision of the Secretariat of the military industry of Turkey (SSM) has worked Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Earlier it was reported that Turkey may determine the winner of the tender for the air defense system in January 2013.

At this point, according to Jane'S, Turkey in talks on cooperation with the manufacturers of all four SAM participating in the tender: South American Patriot, Russian S-300 "Favorite", the French Aster 30 SAMP / T and the Chinese HQ-9 (modified copy of the C-300B). On the creation of its SAM Turkey, His views on the sources of publication, may take up to 10 years. Favourite new competition for the joint development of SAM may be announced in March 2013.

As the Jane'S, speculation about the likely failure Turkey from the purchase of SAMs were expressed earlier in connection with the supply of Germany, the Netherlands and the USA Patriot 6 batteries for the protection of the Turkish-Syrian border. Expand complexes is planned to the north of the Syrian border in the towns of Adana, Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras. In general, as noted, the complex will be used solely for defensive purposes to protect the Turkish air space.

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